My mission is to help fellow Moms go from just surviving to totally thriving.

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My Story

Do you ever feel like sometimes you fall short of being the Mom you hoped you’d be? Maybe your #1 fear in life is that you are going to screw up your kids somehow. I’m right there with you sister. I feel like my kids came to me as these perfect bundles of awesomeness–and my biggest fear in life is that I’ll turn them into little evil gremlins or something. Jodi Picoult wrote “The Very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one.” And I want that message to give you hope. You’re doing it right Mama, and the very fact that you are actively pursuing more intentional motherhood means you are awesome.

My name is Tara Porter and I’m not a perfect Mom. Far from it. BUT–I’m a dang good Mom. Why? Because I’m constantly loving on my kids & seeking ways improve. And as I’m on my journey to constantly improve, I’m sharing with you the various things I’m learning. Topics such as seeking happiness, time management, meal planning, receiving insights from Scriptures, giving time and attention to my kids, making my home a joyful place, and learning how prioritizing “me time” can help me give my kids better quality “kid time.” That’s often the toughest thing to do, right?

It is my hope that I can help give you encouragement & support. That I can be in the trenches with you, celebrating our amazing role and working diligently to be pretty amazing (and to give ourselves some grace when we think we are messing up).

Thanks for coming to my site. I’m excited for us to learn together!