Are you trying to get healthy, but aren’t sure where to start?

Maybe you have been on a health and fitness journey for a while, but you could use a little kickstart?

My Free 5-Day Kickstart is the perfect way to start strong with working on your health & fitness goals. It is a private, online group devoted to helping you get healthy.


  • Healthy family-tested meal plan & grocery list
  • Free streaming of over 400 workout videos
  • Private support group featuring check-ins & accountability
  • Daily tips & motivation
  • Access to a community of motivated women working on their health/fitness as well
  • Online coach (Me!) checking in with you & helping you set & reach your goals

Who am I?

My name is Tara Porter & I’m a Mom of 2 and online business owner. After I had my son, I tried so many ways to lose the baby weight, but I just couldn’t stick to anything. I finally found a system that has worked for me. I went from someone who could never stick to a workout plan past a week to someone who works out most days of the year!

I was able to lose that baby weight and most importantly, feel better. Working out has now been a fantastic way for me to relieve some Mom-stress! I have also learned how to fuel my body better, and 80% of the time I strive to feed myself & my family un-processed foods.

I like to share with my Kickstart challengers some of the tools that have helped me succeed. Things like meal planning tips, healthy recipes, strategies for getting motivated to workout, and more.


I’m getting this down to a T…The key to my success is the encouragement I get from everyone. The key to my success is the encouragement I get from everyone [in this group] as well as the motivation to be healthier and have more energy. Thank you to everyone who helps support each other. It means a lot to me!


Last year I was 325 pounds. Now I am at 210 pounds. My life has changed so much


I loved the recipes. The Thai chicken salad and that poblano chicken chili are definitely going on my regular meal plan list!!

The meal plan features family-approved recipes that are good for you AND tasty!