I finished the last week of Week 3 of the 21 Day Fix and loved it. This week I’m giving you a recap of things and a meal plan!

21 Day Fix Workouts

The workout part was pretty easy for me. I love the workouts–and I especially love to listen to some great music or a podcast while working out. I find that while I may not always want to workout, it ends up putting me in my happy place.

But can we talk a second about NOT wanting to workout? Because with this cold weather, I’m plagued with the “I don’t wanna”s. The alarm sounds off, and I’m snuggled under my blankets and I don’t want to get out. And for all of you east coasters—you can totally laugh at this Northern California girl who is whining about her house being 64 degrees!

Less Thinking, More Doing

However, my BEST way to combat this lately is “less thinking, more doing.” I get out of bed immediately, put on my workout clothes, take my pre workout drink, and rather than sitting down and waiting for it to kick in (which I find leads to me sitting there until long past when the pre workout drink has worn off), I just get to it and get ‘er done. I find it has given me so much more time in my morning! I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve wasted sitting around waiting for the oomph to workout.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

So I have fitness dialed in–that’s just 1 decision a day (do I workout, do I not?). But the nutrition decisions that come at me all day kill me. Especially as my energy and willpower is weaker later in the day.

But when I have a plan laid out for me, I find that things are a little easier. I don’t need to make the decisions (which, by the way, fatigues the brain and actually decreases willpower). So with that being said, here is last week’s meal plan (recipes are below the image):

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Recipes from the Meal Plan:

Want More 21 Day Fix Meal Plans?

Want access to more meal plans and to get some support and online coaching? Registration is open for my next 21 Day Challenge. I help pair you with a workout program, nutrition plan, and Shakeology. I’ll put you in my private support group & will cheer you along and help make sure you follow through with it! Pop your info in below and I’ll send you a message with more details: