I am so incredibly excited to share with you all some big changes coming to TaraSPorter.com! I’ve been working on this for months & it’s finally time to announce it to you.

I initially started this website to share my fitness journey, and while talking about healthy eating & working out gets me incredibly jazzed, it’s only a fraction of what I’m passionate about. It’s been amazing helping so many of you on your weightloss journey, and I will continue doing so, but I felt like there was more that I was missing out on. A deeper way to help you. A deeper way to connect with you.

What gets me jazzed & out of bed in the morning isn’t some fancy chicken salad recipe, or a killer abs workout, it’s this sense of improvement. What gets me geeked-out & giddy is when a woman writes me asking for how she can improve at X, Y, and Z. I love this notion of us growing & getting even more awesome.

So that’s the direction I am going with TaraSPorter.com. My mission is to empower you to improve & excel in 4  key areas of your life so that you may feel a greater sense of purpose & balance. I will provide tools & resources to encourage growth in these areas.

So what are these 4 areas?

Home & Family

Family is at the heart of who I am. It’s why I do everything that I do. I want to share with you all of my favorite tools & resources to help you in improving your marriage & strengthening your relationships with your children. We’ll talk about things like family night, showing love to our spouse, work-life balance, and so much more.


If you’re a regular reader around here, this will be nothing new. I’ll be sharing my favorite healthy recipes, meal plans, workout progress, as well as hosting my Free 5-Day Healthy Kickstart and my 30-Day Health & Fitness Makeover. We’ll be focusing on prioritizing our personal health while still juggling all of the areas of our lives (trust me, it’s possible and worth it, and I’ll show you how)

Financial Freedom

Learn how to design your own business so you have greater control over the time in your life. One of the things I specialized in for my doctorate was how to build user-friendly websites. I’m excited to show how you can build your own online business & will share with you some of the strategies I’ve learned. My plan is to break it down for you into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Now I want to be completely honest with you–I personally do not label myself as one who currently has “financial freedom” (thank you student loans!). But you’ll hear me sharing resources & tools that I find useful as I am on the path towards financial freedom.


Personal Development

Of all the topics, this one gets me most excited. I don’t believe our journey to learn ends when we graduate from school, or become Moms. We are constantly growing & learning. I’ll share my favorite resources to help with our own personal growth & development.

Why not just focus on one of these? Yeah that ran through my head a lot too–but one thing I’ve wanted for years now is to read a blog where the writer is a woman trying to be better at the various areas in her life. I want to hear from the Mom who’s working on raising her kids well, but who also loves working out, who geeks out over apps that make her productive, and who is constantly on a mission to learn.

I didn’t feel like many blogs out there gave me that balanced perspective. When a writer focused on one area, I couldn’t help but wonder how she balanced that area (which she rocked at) with all the other areas. How is that woman pursuing her side hustle business while still being present with her family? As that woman is focusing on herself & working out, are other areas of her life being neglected?

My mission is to show this big picture of improvement. This devotion to each of us getting a little more awesome in our vital areas.  I hope you’ll join me in this journey.

So now I want to hear from you. What do you hope to be a little better at? Comment below & share your thoughts!

One important announcement–because of these big changes in the works, I need a few weeks to get things set up for you so I can deliver some awesome content. Therefore, this blog will pause for just a few weeks. Have no fear, I’m still totally here, and I know many of you are wanting help with getting healthy at the new year and I’m super pumped to help you. Just message me at contact@TaraSPorter.com. I’ll be hosting a Free 5-Day challenge on January 2, and then my 30-day challenges will be on December 19 and January 16.