I’m going to be honest with you for a second–the nutrition plan with workouts such as 21 Day Fix, CIZE, & Core De Force was not always one that worked with me. I’ve shared that openly on here before as I covered my own journey with food obsession and finding what works for meBut I am so excited to share that I’ve found a foolproof system for following the Portion Fix Meal Plan that works for me as I’ve been following the Core De Force Meal Plan! In fact, it’s a way of eating that I could easily see me using for a lifetime.

9 Ways to Win with the core de force meal plan


Now big disclaimer—this took tweaking to learn what works for me. So what I lay out in this post may not work for you, but hopefully you can take my method & start making the plan work for you.

1 | Separate Meals by Container/Food Types

As you may already know, with the Core De force meal plan there is an option to use containers that represent each food type (green for veggies, purple for fruit, etc). You are given a certain number to have each day based on your personal goals & body type (and other variables as well).

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.36.10 PM

The problem with this is I found I was counting all day–sometimes losing track too! I came up with effective counting methods, but I still found that I would encounter struggles such as panicking over having one particular container left! Or having nothing really appealing left by the time dinner hit!

But what I ended up doing was breaking up my containers by meals & snacks. This worked REALLY well for me in the past. I find that rather than remembering throughout the day, I can easily remember what I need at that meal. And let’s say that meal I don’t follow it perfectly, I know I need to make up that container (or take away whatever container I had) at my next meal. That is MUCH easier to remember.

I made this graphic of my Core De Force Meal Plan breakdown as the wallpaper on my cellphone to help me remember it at all times–now it’s permanently in my head!:

Core de force meal plan

2 | Simplify Breakfasts, Lunches, & Snacks as Much as Possible

One mistake I see a lot of people make (and I’ve done it too!) is think they need this huge elaborate meal plan with a huge variety of meals. I think we panic about eating healthy & think it all needs to be fancy to keep us interested in doing it. I see so many of my clients get hung up on that–they feel like their answer to weight loss is creating a fancy weekly meal plan with all kinds of recipes.

But as I was studying what was working for my challengers (for example, Shana & Chelsi), as well as healthy habits of fit people, I found that most of the time, they eat the same meals. And if I’m honest with myself, I’d prefer that method! If I love something, why would I just want to eat it occasionally?

So for the Core De Force meal plan, I gave myself 2 options for my lunches & snacks. I wanted some options–because I get bored easily & I don’t like feeling like a meal plan is “telling me” what to eat. This independent gal doesn’t like to be bossed around, even by herself!

Core De Force Weekly Meal Plan

3 | Start the Day With Shakeology

Shakeology is my must-have fuel for the day & I personally feel it is essential for my Core De Force meal plan. How my body reacts to it is really dramatic. I was in a fog before I started drinking Shakeology consistently. Also, now that I drink it consistently, I also find I crave way less junk, so if I get it in first-thing in the morning, that makes sure it happens!

It also sets the tone for the day.

Since I like mine a particular way, I make it the same way every single day!

Now that might not be when it is best for YOU to drink it; I often have challengers who need it in the evening to keep them from reaching for candy! This is just what has worked for my body.

Having Shakeology on the Core De Force Meal plan

4 | Give Dinner Options & Variety

You’ve seen me create a ton of meal plans in the past–but what I found was while I made one, I rarely followed it. When Tuesday rolls around, I’m not in the mood for Tacos. But yet Thursday rolls around and suddenly I’m craving some tacos (Thaco-Thursday anyone?). I guess I just didn’t like something telling me what to eat–I didn’t feel like it! So for the Core De force meal plan I give myself dinner options:

9 Ways to Win with the core de force meal plan

I can pick whatever I want of these options! I just have a list I can pick & choose from. This makes it so much easier!

5 | Make Dinners Easy

Dinner can easily trip me up—our schedule could be crazy, or I could be tired, and it’s so tempting for our family to hit the drive thru. But I find that if I have a slow cooker going, I’m much more likely to stick to plan. I’ve been totally loving the Skinnytaste Fast & Slow Cookbook—so many recipes fit the Core De Force Meal Plan perfectly (or need just a few minor adjustments).

Core De Force Slow Cooker

But really dinners work best when they are simple. I’m always trying new recipes & sharing good ones with you, but the recipes need to be simple for me to actually do them.

6 | Keep Lunch & Dinner the Same With Containers & Have Leftovers

THIS—oh my goodness–THIS changed everything!!! I tried so many different combinations, but I found that having the same dinner & lunch containers was KEY for me. With this method, I found I could use leftovers from the night before and have a tasty lunch that I just have to re-heat!

And in case there aren’t leftovers, I have stashed in a freezer some meals that have the same combination of containers. That way, no matter what, I can grab something in a pinch.

Core De Force Meal Plan

Also, if I’m out to eat, I find most meals can easily follow the red, yellow, and green container plan (of course I have to put much of the massive leftover servings in a to go box). I can feel like I’m on plan & treating myself a little if I have these containers.

7 | Keep Hunger Away with Beachbody Performance Supplements

Shhhh, want to hear a secret? Technically you can have Beachbody Performance Supplements for the nutrition plan and they are counted as free food. This is because it is targeted nutrition, which Beachbody has defined as calories “consumed at specific times and therefore utilized more effectively than calories consumed in the general diet.”

21 day shake the sugar challenge

I drink my Energize in the morning to get me energized for my workout–I’ll be honest, I have no idea how I’d do a 5:30am workout without it!

During my workout, I drink Beachbody Performance Recover. Yes, I’m drinking my Post-Workout during my workout (here’s a great article that explains how drinking your protein before your workout is beneficial)–but I personally do it because I get shaky & hungry if I wait until after my workout to drink it.

I drink the Beachbody Performance Recharge at night–this helps with muscle repair & it does wonders for my muscle soreness. But what I love most about it is that just around the pm time when I have the munchies & want to go into the kitchen, I can whip up this and drink it. I can’t stand the taste of it, so I add half of a banana to it which makes it super tasty!

But the protein in the Recharge and Recover really helps to eliminate any hunger.

8 | Have a Fat Serving Before Lunch

This was an odd thing I figured out about myself: I need to have a blue or orange container before lunch. I’ve tried every single combo, but THIS one seems to be really important for my body. I found when I lacked it, I would be so hungry around 2pm and was a royal nightmare!

I now get my blue container (healthy fats) for my late breakfast in the form of cheese in my eggs or cashews with my yogurt.

9 | Troubleshoot Your Toughest Container

Do you have a container that you just can’t stand? I do!!!And I found that I kept skipping it, and was so hungry! So I made it my #1 mission to find ways to get that container in. And I succeeded! I came up with 2 recipes to help me get in that darn red container! That’s the protein container–and for a gal who doesn’t love dairy, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, or yogurt, and who likes to limit meats to no more than 2X/day, it made things super difficult! But I found two particular recipes that worked really well for me:

Cheesy Broccoli & Eggs

2 eggs, 1 green container of broccoli, cheese, pink salt & black pepper. That’s it! But the cheesiness cancels out the egg taste and I can honestly say I look forward to this meal!

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Yogurt

1 red container of plain greek yogurt, 2T pb2 (that’s peanut butter with the fat pressed out of it–no, it’s not 100% on plan, but I only have this a handful of times a week–it’s very few calories), a couple of drops of vanilla creme stevia. This tastes so incredibly good and feels like a treat! (this from a girl who hates yogurt!)

Need some help with your toughest container? Here’s a video to help you out:

Core De Force Meal Plan for Week 1 – Plan A

So those are my tips, and here they are in action! Here is my Core De Force Meal Plan for Week 1:

All of the dinner recipes except for the Chicken Enchiladas are in the Skinnytaste Fast & Slow cookbook.

Where I’m At With Core De Force

I was doing the Core De Force meal plan & workout and having AMAZING results. However, I got hit with a nasty bug and had to pause my calendar. But if you pause more than 4 days, it’s best to just re-start it. So now I get to re-start Core De Force! Here are my Core De Force Before Stats:

  • Body Weight: 146.8
  • Body Fat %: 34%
  • Chest: 31.5
  • Waist: 32.5
  • Belly: 38.5
  • Hips: 41.25
  • Left Arm: 11.5
  • Right Arm: 12
  • Left Thigh: 25
  • Right Thigh: 24.75
  • Left Calf: 14.25
  • Right Calf: 14.5
  • Neck: 14

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