Ok fine, the title is kind of misleading, because Core De Force IS hard! But let me share with you ways I was able to make it a little LESS hard, without compromising results.

It’s all about the decisions you are making in the rest of the day (especially with food!) that have a tremendous impact on how you feel during the workout & just how you feel in general. While the workouts are tough, and sadly I can’t fix that for you, I can help make the rest of it a little easier. Sound good?

Core De Force Doesn't Have to Be Hard - Read these 7 tips

 1 | Eating Out with Core De Force – Choose the Simple Options

I love eating out. It’s kind of my thang. But it can also be hard to stay on point with the Core De Force Meal plan.

Since I’m a mom with crazy kids, I avoid restaurants where I have to sit down & my time is determined by how fast or slow a server is (and I’m sitting there scarfing down chips until my order is taken). We opt for restaurants were we get our food and then sit down (think Chipotle or something).

I also choose restaurants that have simple items, like grilled chicken, on the menu. Often they have amazing ways of preparing the chicken (like below, this Hawaiian grilled chicken was the BOMB!)

Other great places are Chipotle & Daphne’s Greek Restaurant (or any greek restaurant, for that matter)

Core De Force

2 | Don’t Resist When It Gets Tough, Embrace It

Again, the workouts are hard. #sorrynotsorry  But one thing that has made it easier is how I talk to myself during the workout. I think of how when I have nothing left in  me, that is when I am changing.

That simple shift in attitude has helped me so much with pushing through. Sure, I collapse, gasp, curse, but I give it everything. And it stinks in the moment, but in the end, I’m so proud of myself.

Core De Force

3 | Get In Your Rest with Core De Force

You have to learn to rest a little too. Are you getting in enough sleep? Are you doing the evening stretches?  (I LOVE their 5-minute evening stretch routine!).

Sadly I had to pause my calendar this week because my asthma flared up–but I just listened to my body and got rested so that I can power through things again.

Resting helps your body repair. I’m hearing of so many people who are adding more to this routine or doubling up–just follow it as-is, trust the process, and relaaaaaaax.

Core De Force

4 | Just Do It, Don’t Wait Until You Feel Like It

Nope girlfriend, you don’t always have this amazing desire to workout. But it’s so much easier if I just do it. I don’t obsess over whether or not to do it. Read some Habit research to help you learn how you can be on auto-pilot like this (The Power of Habit is an amazing book).

I personally wake up, drink my pre-workout drink, and just get it done. Part-way in I’m actually enjoying it. And I really enjoy it when it’s over.

But if you wait for motivation to come, it will never happen. Motivation follows action.Core De Force

5 | Get In Shakeology First-Thing

I found that how I felt was like night and day if I had Shakeology first thing or not (I have it about an hour after working out). Shakeology seems to just make the day float by easier for me. I crave less. I have more energy. I am also less-prone to forget it! When I do forget it, I’m craving weird crap all day and just feel off!

(Btw, check it out, I got the golden scoop this week for drinking Shakeology for a full year. I’ve actually been drinking it for 3 years and love it!)


6 | Order Your Groceries Online & Pick Them Up

Oh my goodness, you.must.check.this.out. Check in your area and see if your Walmart or other store does grocery pickup. I love this because I can sit down (without children banging carts into aisles!) and figure out what we’ll have for the week, add to my cart online, and check my budget to make sure my groceries aren’t too much. It also keeps me from impulse buys. I then schedule when I’ll pick up my order. Once I arrive, they load it in the cart and BOOM, groceries done!

My Walmart has free pick-up if you order at least $30. That’s worth it to me! My grocery bill is always over that (although these tips for lowering my grocery budget help).

Walmart Grocery Pick Up
7 | Create Meal Plan With Simple, Fast Meals

I said it before when I showed you how I’m crushing the Core De Force Meal Plan, but I’ll say it again: make your meal plans simple! Don’t overcomplicate things!

I’m really digging the Skinnytaste Fast & Slow Cookbook—everything in there is pretty Core De Force-friendly and is SO GOOD. My family is absolutely loving these recipes!

Core De Force

Here is my meal plan for the week. You’ll notice this week & last week are both the Week 1 meal plan, that’s because my calendar got halted when my asthma flared up. The dinner recipes are from the Skinnytaste Fast & Slow Cookbook and the Our Best Bites 400 Calories or Less cookbook. Both are great!

Core De force Meal Plan

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