Healthy Body and Mind Challenge
YAWZA–lately I’ve seen a lot of stress in my Facebook newsfeed & in messages from friends, so I thought now would be a GREAT time to do a 30-day Healthy Body & Mind Challenge!
For my next 30-day challenge, we are going to work together to help feel happier & healthier, from the inside out!! We all could use a little of that, right? And doing this with friends makes it all that much more fun!!

30-Day Healthy Body and Mind Challenge

I am looking for 15 women*** who want to feel healthier & happier by doing this incredible, PROVEN, fitness & nutrition program with me.

I’m going to walk you through step-by-step successful strategies for healthy living such as:

  • how to meal plan and prep
  • how to cut the craving
  • proper portion size
  • handling temptations
  • getting into a healthy mindset
  • eating out at restaurants and traveling
  • plus you get to eat at least 1 cheat meal a week and still reach your goals (yes pals, that means you get Grandma’s Apple Pie at Thanksgiving….whew!)

30-Day Healthy Body & Mind Challenge
My goal is to teach you healthy strategies that last for a life time–not some crash diet where you lose weight that you’ll gain right back. My goal is to give you proven tools & strategies that you can use long after this group!

This is 30 days, and since I’m limiting registration, I am expecting a 100% commitment from you—you gotta be willing to get a little out of your comfort zone & get ready to work towards the best shape of your life. You in?

30-Day Healthy Body and Mind Challenge

Your commitments:
– Have me as your coach*
– Engage in the group daily
– Commit to a fitness program that we decide on together & follow the calendar
– Replace a meal a day with Shakeology (a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake that’s a game-changer for my challengers)


***There are only 15 spots available and it’s first come first serve!
* This is only for those not currently working with a Beachbody Coach
Are you in??? Complete the application below:

21-Day Challenge Application

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