I don’t know about you, but I get distracted SO easily. It’s ridiculous, really.

So I found an app that I think helps SO much to keep me staying on task. I’m using it right now as I type!

Here’s a video on it:

So the app is called 30/30. As far as I know, it’s only available for iPhone/iPads –– sorry Android peeps, that’s what you get for turning to the dark side!! 😉

How it works is you set up your to do list, giving each item an estimated time. If you want, you can even get fancy and change the colors and give it a fancy icon too:

30/30 app

When you have your list all ready, you simply press the “Play” button. Then the clock starts ticking!!!!! I keep this right in front of me! No joke, as I type right now, I can look right above my keyboard and see my phone–ticking away (it’s silently ticking, don’t worry! But I can SEE it). So if I want to hop over to Facebook, my Phone is staring back at me, “Nuh-uh sista, keep going!”

Once the designated time is up, it buzzes or dings (depending on your setting) and moves onto the very next task:

30/30 app

If you finish before the timer, you could click on the checkmark and it will move on:30/30 app

I SWORE by this interval method as a Mom at home with 2 kids in diapers. It kept my day from wasting away and feeling like I accomplished nothing. But at that time, I used my microwave oven timer! This is much better AND I’m way more prone to be on task. Here is how I had mine set up as a work-at-home Mom when my kids were home:

  • 20 Minutes work
  • 5 Minutes Check in with kids (sippy cups, new toys, etc)
  • 20 Minutes cleaning
  • 20 minutes one-on-one time

You can set up the phone to auto-loop the task, so once it’s done, it goes to the bottom of the list and will appear again once you get down the task list.

I found that by using this method, my kids were less prone to needing me 24/7—they were getting AMAZING, one-on-one time with me multiple times a day. I found that it was way better quality time than when I just left my day up to chance!

Pomodoro Structure

Another way you can set up your app is using the Pomodoro structure. This is how I have my app set up right now (my kids are in school now, so this is while they aren’t home. With the Pomodoro method, you spend 25 minutes focused on a particular task, then you get a 5 minute break, then you spend 25 more minutes on a task, then another 5 minute break, and so on. After a couple rounds of that, you have a longer break.

It makes for some AMAZING focused work. Plus that 5 minute break is JUST what I need to step away and breathe for a moment. I go to the bathroom, fill up on water, grab a snack, and usually do a mini house chore.

I also find that by having the tasks set with that 25 minutes, I’m able to focus on giving it quality attention, rather than being obsessed with checking tasks off of a list & rushing through things.

Time Budgeting

Another AWESOME feature is that it shows you approximately when you’ll finish your tasks. I love this because it gives me a sense of how much I will get done before I have to pick up my kids!

That allows me to know if maybe I need to pick up the pace a little.

30/30 app


Don’t worry friends, there is a PAUSE button. Let’s face it, life happens!!! I just pressed pause so I can quickly run and stir my chili so it doesn’t burn! I just make a rule to press pause as little as I can. But it’s there!

So that’s my favorite app right now. Do you have a favorite app? I’d love to hear!

Btw, if you’re an organization junkie like myself, you would probably like my week-at-a-glance family planner. You can click on the image below to download, and read about how I use it here. 

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