I am so excited to announce some amazing changes that I’ve been working on for you all here at tarasporter.com.

And it all comes down to Trivial Pursuit.

Wait, what?

Ok, let’s rewind. I want to take you back to one of the most overwhelming times of my life. I was a full time doctorate student, mother of 2 in diapers, teacher at 2 colleges, researcher, and owner of 2 business. I worked well over 50 hours a week (not including motherhood tasks!). It was suffocating.


Me during one of many late-night work sessions after finally getting kids down to bed

I felt so trapped that I anxiously sought out an answer. In my head, I could see a wheel—kind of looking like a trivial pursuit game piece. And each piece of that wheel represented an area of my life:

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What’s funny is I’ve later heard of a similar version of this–but it didn’t quite use the specific method that worked for me. So if you’ve seen something similar to this, stick around because I approach it much differently. 

Finding Dead Ends

I wrote out each area & where I wanted to be with each area. It created such tremendous clarity for me. And, sadly enough, it also showed me that there were several areas I had that were complete dead ends. I was doing things that were not at all in line with where I wanted to go!

Habits & Goals

Once I identified the areas that aligned with where I wanted to go, I made some specific, concrete goals for each area. Then, one at a time, I focused on turning that specific goal into a habit. 

The Life-Change

This one small activity changed my life. I ended up earning my doctorate & not going the traditional academic route. I stopped teaching college classes (an activity that drained me!) & did more online training/instruction (which energizes me). I became more present for my family and built a life by design that is one of constant growth, change, & greater balance!

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So What’s the Change for tarasporter.com?

I’ve done this format unofficially for years in my life, and it occurred to me, I don’t really show all of YOU this. And this would most certainly help you out a ton too!!! My blog posts will now start focusing more on my work and progress in each of the 6 main areas of my own life: personal/spiritual growth, home management, family relationships, health & fitness, self-care & socialization, work. I’ll be updating you on where I’m at in these areas & sharing with you what goal/habit I’m focusing on for the week.

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Want to Join Me?

Do you want to do this right alongside with me? I’d love it!!! I have created a mini-course to walk you step-by-step through the basics of this process. If you join this free course, I’ll also add you to an online community where we can all share how we are growing. To register, simply fill in your info below:

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