Do you hate meal prep? That’s totally me.

Here’s my problem with meal prepping: the thought of spending 1-2 hours in a kitchen on a Sunday just does not sound appealing to me. I always find it starts my week with a crazy messy kitchen, or tired feet, or whatever whine I have! I want my weekends to be about RELAXING!

But I also firmly believe that you need to have meals on hand, otherwise you’ll be tempted to make some pretty poor food choices.

So I want to share with you some of my tips to make sure you have healthy food on hand.

4 Useful Tips to Make Meal Prep a Breeze

Meal Prep In Your Freezer

If you are testing a recipe, I don’t recommend making a double batch, but for when you make those recipes that you know and love (here are some of mine), make double and freeze! How’s that for meal prep!

For tips on how I freeze my meals, you can check out my stellar freezer organization tips.

I have stashed in my freezer soups, chilis, and more. This makes quick meals a breeze for us.

Freezer organization

Here are a few Freezer-Friendly Recipes

Meal Prep With Leftovers

I find that with our family there’s usually 1-2 servings of leftovers. I put those in individual tupperware containers and freeze or refrigerate them. That’s one simple way I am able to do meal prep for my lunches for the week

Do SOME Meal Prep for Emergencies

I do throw together some quick meal prep foods that I keep as freezer meals. Because I do the previous step I was telling you about, and use leftovers as meals, I find that I don’t need to use these “backup” meals too often. But in case I need them, they are there. Here are some ideas for that:

  • Cook chicken in a crockpot with salsa and shred–divide into containers; bake some sweet potatoes, then divide into containers along with some frozen veggies and some of that chicken. Then freeze. This makes for a simple, tasty meal that you always have on hand
  • Have single-servings of turkey taco meat on hand. Then you can just heat up and put on a bed of mixed greens for a simple, tasty salad (a little dollop of salsa would be great on that!)
  • Don’t forget—-like I said before, any time you have a single serving of a meal, freeze that bad boy for a future lunch!
21 Day Fix Extreme Meal

Here’s one meal that was a hit–I froze a batch of burritos & served along side a mixed salad that I threw together in 2 minutes (while the burrito was re-heating)

21 Day Fix marinara

Freeze some cooked chicken, whole wheat or brown rice pasta mixed with a low-sugar marinara, and green beans seasoned with garlic salt or lemon pepper for a simple, tasty meal that’s ready in a flash

Have a Rough Plan for the Week

I love to have some rough plan on what we will eat for the week. Since I’m not someone who likes to be told what to do (even if it’s by my past self who crafted a meal plan on Sunday), I find that I don’t follow a meal plan to a T, but having something planned out certainly helps. I can take a moment to strategically plan what meals go on what days (for example, if we are out at activities one night, that’s a slow cooker night). Knowing this in advance helps make preparing meals much easier.

This week's dinners

Need Some More Meal Planning Support?

Want a little more help with meal prep & having some healthy meals on hand for those crazy days? On November 7th I’ll be launching a FREE 5-Day Healthy Freezer Meal challenge. Members in this free challenge  will receive a meal plan & grocery list–we will be making freezer meals for that week, and also some extra meals to have on hand. Members also get daily workouts & a supportive community co check into daily.

Spots will be limited. To apply, fill out the form below

Note: Group starts November 7, 2016–any applications received after November 3rd will put you in my next Healthy Kickstart group, which may have a different theme

Healthy Meal Prep Using Freezer Meals

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4 Useful Tips to Make Meal Prep a Breeze