I thought long & hard about what would be my Piece-ful Balance Focus for the next 3 weeks. And I giggled, because even though 80% of my posts on here are health/fitness, I was hoping this site would move towards the other areas with the launch of the Piece-Ful Balance. BUT—-a new fitness program, Core De Force, was launched today & I really want to dial it in during that program and to a fantastic job. To do that, it needs me full focus. So….Health/Fitness it is!!!!

A Free Goal-Setting Guide

For those of you who are doing my Free Piece-Ful Balance series (and those who aren’t, here is more info) you know there are 3 questions that you ask yourself with each focus:

  1. Where do I want to BE with this area of my life in 10 years?
  2. What needs to happen in order for me to get to that place?
  3. What habits/goals can I start working on to accomplish those things?

So I’m going to walk you through my answers to that!

Where do I want to BE with this area of my life in 10 years?

  • Feel healthy and fit
  • Wear clothes without worrying about concealing a muffin top
  • Completely banish the habit of going to fast food (to be honest, right now we hit up a fast food joint about 4X a week—GAH!).
  • My health & fitness to also help impact my family–making my husband and children more healthy.
  • Strong & toned.
  • Have a level of balance–when I eat poorly, I don’t want to go crazy with it.
  • A healthy relationship with food.

What Needs to Happen in order for me to get to that place?

  • Stop eating fast food
  • Pay more attention to what foods I’m bringing into the home
  • Be more on top of meal prep/planning
  • Follow a fitness program start to finish (I find following a program keeps me motivated)
  • Prepare nightly dinners
  • Have quick lunches on hand that I want to eat (sorry, salads won’t cut it right now!)
  • Have occasional treats, but leave it at that–it’s not permission to eat the universe

What habits/goals can I start working on to accomplish those things?

  1. Avoid fast food each day
  2. Do a 5-minute meditation when faced with a temptation
  3. Write out what I’m going to eat for each day
  4. Know by noon what’s for dinner, & prep what’s needed

My 3 Habits

I then take a look at that list & pick 3 habits I want to focus on this month. Here are my 3:

  1. At 10am I will plan lunch & dinner – I will set an alarm & at that time make my lunch so it’s ready (if I need to make it), I will also look over my dinner recipe & determine if I need to start a slow cooker or something.
  2. 5 Minute Meditation – This is based on the book, The Willpower Instinct. When I am tempted to eat out (which is usually at lunch time), I’ll take a deep breath & meditate. OK, this might be hard since I usually impulsively decide to go out when I pick up my son and he looks at me with those big wide eyes asking to go out! So maybe this meditation happens right before that cuteness even comes into my car!
  3. Be IN Bed by 8:45, lights out by 9 – Sleep has such an incredible impact on our self-control. Since I want to keep my brain in the game and do my best, I’m getting in at least 7 hours of sleep per night, if not 8.

This Week’s Focus

Of those 3 habits, I pick ONE to hone in on.  I recommend picking a small, manageable habit–but if it’s one that has a GREAT impact as well, even better! For me, it’s sleep. Whenever I go “off plan”, I evaluate what’s going on with myself–and it’s always I’m tired. So, for this week, the “In Bed by 8:45” is my focus. Tonight might be a little off because it is Halloween, but besides that, every night I’m in bed by 8:45pm, lights out by 9.

Core De Force

For the next month, I am going to be doing the new Core De Force Workout Program that launched today. This includes a meal plan to follow & daily MMA-style workouts. I’ll be keeping y’all updated on how it goes! If you want to join me & other testers, please see the registration at the bottom of this page.

Exclusive Core De Force Test Group Application


My Core De Force Before Stats:

  • Body Weight: 150.3
  • Body Fat %: 36.3%
  • Chest: 31.5
  • Waist: 33.5
  • Belly: 37.5
  • Hips: 40.5
  • Left Arm: 11.5
  • Right Arm: 12
  • Left Thigh: 24.25
  • Right Thigh: 24.75
  • Left Calf: 14.25
  • Right Calf: 14.5
  • Neck: 13.75

Core De Force Nutrition Plan

Core De Force puts me in the Plan A bracket for my meal plan. I noticed last week in following my meal plan (where I map out specific items for each meal), I found that if I went the slightest bit off track, I felt like the day was lost. I needed something to get me back on track. So this round I’m assigning certain containers for each meal. It has worked very well for me in the past. It’s less to remember & it simplifies what I eat.

Also, I some nights I don’t really FEEL like what’s on the meal plan, so I gave myself some flexibility where I can choose from things, rather than assigning a meal for a particular day:

Core De Force Meal Plan

I also set this as the lock screen on my phone, so that I can quickly be reminded of it the bazillion times I open my phone throughout the 30 days that I’m doing Core De Force:

Core De Force Meal Plan

Want to Join Me?


Do you want to join me in doing this program? I’m gearing up to host a private Core De Force Support Group. I have been provided with exclusive tips from the trainers to help guide you through it all. It’s going to be amazing! Fill out the form below to apply–spots will be limited.

21-Day Challenge Application

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