Babes, you ready for this? I’m about to rock your 21 Day Fix world.

As you know, I track my portion fix containers (the containers from 21 Day Fix) to make sure I’m balanced with my eating (and yes, on weekends I count macros so that I can go a little off plan—wild child!)

So tracking containers was HARD for me. I’m so an out of sight, out of mind person, so the apps weren’t working for me. Plus I like to be off of my phone as much as possible (working on that, I’m realizing my kids need more “eyeball time” with me). If I don’t see it, I just assume I have 1,000 yellow (carb) containers left for me.

So I heard about jelly bracelets. And I was sooo game for those color coded bracelets, until my loving sister in law saw them on me and went, “Um….what is THAT.”

That’s the sisterly form of an intervention.

They were too obnoxious and visible.


OK it didn’t quite look like that on my wrist, but honestly, I felt like it did!

I was wracking my brain trying to find a simple solution. A way to subtly track my containers on my hand.

My friends, are you ready….check-check it. May I present to you:

Tracking 21 Day Fix

Now if you don’t know what rainbow loom bands are, ask any Mom of a daughter around the age of 8 and she’ll tell you they are her nemesis. They are EVERYWHERE in her house. They are these tiny bands that make crap pieces of art like this:


They end up EVERYWHERE around the house and, chances are, you have a gal pal who’d gladly part with a few!!!!!!

So let me share with you how I use them. So I put them on my FitBit (but you can use any watch).

On one side (the part I can see) are the foods I need to eat (see photo below)

Right by the buckle are half portions (I eat half a container all.the.time)

On the other side of the thing that holds the strap in are the ones I’ve eaten:

Tracking 21 Day Fix Containers

We’ve established that I’m a nerd, so I’m getting a little more technical. Here’s the deal, I PANIC when I have only a few containers left. Like suddenly I’m convinced it’s zombie apocalypse and I need to hoard food. I feel deprived and usually result in going crazy on a row of Oreos. So I RESERVE my dinner–I protect it so I never have to worry about dipping into my precious dinner portions. I keep the bands for that protected nicely under the band, like so:

Tracking 21 Day Fix Containers

It’s ok, judge me for that part, but come on, this rainbow loom thing is pure genius! And check out how subtle it is!


Tracking 21 Day Fix Containers

Oh AND I put it to the test tonight. My sister in law came over (the same anti-jelly bracelet sister in law who I can always count on for the truth) and she didn’t even notice it!!! BOOM. One win for Tara.

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