Now that school has started, how are all of you Moms holding up? It’s been an adjustment over here, but I’ll be honest, I’m so happy the kids are back in school! They were needing a break from each other!!!

Things have definitely been a bit crazy and it’s taken some time to get into our groove for the school year. But despite all that, what has NOT been sacrificed is my health & happiness.

Usually this time of year is when I hear Mamas tell me they can’t start one of my challenges because “think are crazy.” I totally relate to this because I’ve been there!!! I kept running on empty and giving all I had to everyone around me. But not anymore. Now that I’ve realized the impact a Mom’s health has on her family, the more passionate I am about it. Quite often our health is the very thing to keep us sane through the craziness!!! Us Mamas need to be HEALTHY & HAPPY so we can better give to those we love. So this post is devoted to a few adjustments we can make to bring more health & happiness into our lives. You ready for these tips?

8 Awesome Tips To Make You A Healthier, Happier Mom (1)

1.Believe The You Are Worth It

It’s tough to focus on ourselves because we see that X, Y, and Z need to be done. But the thing is–YOU ARE WORTH IT. That time for YOU is crucial.

The more you understand that, the better you’ll be. I highly recommend listening to or reading 15 minutes of personal development. This has changed my by leaps & bounds! One of my favorite authors right now is Brene Brown.

Healthy as a Busy Mom

2. Put Fitness & Quiet Time First Thing In the Morning

I get that this isn’t always possible, but I think it’s worth trying. I slowly built up a habit of getting up at 5am. It gives me time to get my workout in and be ready for my family. It’s my time to ponder & pray. I find that if I don’t get it in first thing, then the day gets crazy, throws me its inevitable curve balls, and I miss focusing on me.

The thing is, putting yourself first helps you then help those you love. Let’s look at the oxygen mask analogy on the airplane. They always tell parents to put their OWN masks on first, THEN their kids. Why? So that they aren’t passing out as they put the kids’ mask on and they are all screwed! If you want to give your family your best, then you need a moment to build yourself up first. Doing that before they wake up can be just the ticket (plus sidenote: I used to wake up SO grumpy when my kids woke me up—now that I’m awake before them, I’m a much nicer Mama).

Here’s my morning routine:

  • Wake up – take thyroid medicine & drink a glass of water to get re-hydrated
  • Take my pre-workout drink (get a high quality one–not all give you jitters, you can always message me for my suggestions –
  • Set my timer for 15 minutes & get on my knees & pray (I keep a notebook handy to write down any impressions I get). I pray about the day before & what to change, I pray for my husband, I pray for my kids, I repent, I express gratitude, I listen—-most importantly (this is KEY!): I ask Heavenly Father what He wants to focus on that day. I usually get an answer—and just to make sure it didn’t come from me, I just ask Him, “OK so __ is what you want me to focus on?” If the answer is no, I feel pretty apathetic about it. If it is clear to me–almost like the question is answered before I finish answering, I know that’s the focus. I write it down in my journal–and keep that thought in my heart. I can’t TELL you how many times this has kept me focused on the RIGHT things.
  • Write Out My Goals – Where do I want to be in a year? Where in 3 Months?
  • Go in my garage & workout – I like to put on music (Justin Timberlake on Pandora), my waking up is SLOW, but by the end I’m dancing in my garage & smiling! I like to do weightlifting because it’s awesome for the metabolism & I like it, but I throw in some cardio too. My headphones help me drown out the world. But sometimes I feel bored, so I throw on a podcast to keep my mind going. But really, most of the time it’s just me & my music! It’s like meditation for me. It clears my head. I’m focused & not thinking about all the things I have to do–or sometimes I am, but in this space, I get clarity & focus.
  • Drink Post-Workout Drink, Put on Hymns, Make Kids Breakfast, Greet Them With Smile When They Come Out (they can’t come out until 7am)
    Healthy as a Busy Mom

3. Find That Balance of Pausing

I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or 20 seconds. Take a brief moment mid-day, lock yourself in a closet or bathroom, and just RELAX. Breathe deep. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. I dig the Headspace App for some great 10 minute meditations. And yes, sometimes I get only 1 minute into one before little man is banging on the bathroom door. But hey, that’s one minute of brain-rest.

This will help you feel a little less flustered & a little more in control.

Also, I find that these breaks ENERGIZE me, and we all know us Mamas run low on energy a lot.

Lately I’ve laid down with my son 3 days a week to nap with him (the Power Nap app is great for this! It wakes you up before you fall into a deep sleep).Healthy as a Busy Mom

4. Love the Here & Now

I hope you don’t get too caught up in the day to day that you forget to embrace the moment. I am now focusing more on that.

Laugh often.

Give your kids eyeball time! (in other words, look up from those phones!)

If your kiddo bombs your workout, WHO CARES? If he’s laying on you during pushups or she’s crawling under you during downward dog, just roll with it! Enjoy these moments!!!!
Healthy as a Busy Mom

5. Remember That You’ll Want to Quit Just Before Change Happens

I see this in my life, and the lives of my challengers, time and time again. That moment when we are SO DONE. When we are ready to throw our hands in the air….THAT is the moment just before things are about to get REAL and we’re about to grow!

When you are wanting to quit, success happens when you give it just a little bit more. That extra rep. That healthy choice. That little smile when you are overwhelmed. That little bit can help you.


6. Keep Dinners Simple!

We often think dinners have to be this huge elaborate spread, or different every day. Just be simple! I am constantly adding to my family’s favorites. I freeze meals often so that I can reheat. Or, when all else fails, some grilled chicken from the freezer saves the day! If you ever want some dinner inspiration, you should check out my Free 5-Day Challenge where you get a meal plan for the week. Or, if you are one of my 21 Day Challengers (I’ll talk about that in a second), I give you access to my whole library of meal plans & grocery lists.

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7. Stop Being Impatient

We have that weight loss goal hanging over our heads. We think we’ll be happy when we get to ___ pounds or ____ dress size. Forget that.

Focus on RIGHT NOW. What is being healthy doing for you TODAY? Once you start to pay attention to how health & fitness makes you HAPPIER, you’ll want to do it more. You’ll focus less on what it does to your outside, and more on what it does to your inside (and—subsequently, normally the outside catches up!).

When you take your focus off of how many pounds you lost in the week, and accept that this is a journey and a lifestyle, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.


8. Get Support

I do think that our fitness is a personal experience.

When we focus too much on what others look like or what others are doing, we lose sight of where we are and the next step we should go.

But that doesn’t mean we have to be alone either. There’s a healthy balance between finding what’s right for us and doing our personal course, but to also have a loving community around us to cheer us on.

Chose your inspiration, environment, support, and goals wisely—and most importantly, love you for where you are at RIGHT now and focus on the next step that is best for YOU.
Healthy as a Busy Mom

Don’t do this alone gals. Let’s support each other. Registration is open now for my Healthy Mom Challenge. Join a community of women trying to get healthy together. We’ll swap recipes, tips, encouragement, & more. Fill out the form below to start your registration:

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