Oh HELLO long lost friends!! I have to apologize for no posts last week. To be honest, I’ve been doing some MAJOR overhauling around here. The biggest news is that I have a NEW Facebook page!!! <—be sure to click there to follow

I just felt like I was getting a bit scattered & needed a fresh start and new vision. I won’t bore you with Facebook metrics, but my social media mentor advised me to have a fresh start. So voila! You’re going to have a lot more posts of me sharing MY LIFE –something that I think would bore people to tears, but I’ve been assured that it’s what YOU want. But hey–give me feedback, what kind of stuff would you like from me?

I digress…

So let me fill you in on how things are going.

First off–I’m still going strong with the Country Heat calendar. I suffer from Workout Distraction–do you? So I LOVE these workouts, but I’m itching for something new.

So I did add in some extra weight training in there. That will obviously alter my results slightly, but I just needed it. I personally need the mental release that weightlifting gives me. So I do those workouts in the morning & Country Heat at night.

Exercise is not a punishment

Holy smokes–it was HILARIOUS how sore I was! Leg day killed me all week! So that definitely made dancing at night a little tougher….

Fitness funny, leg day funny

So anyway–I am doing Body Beast another round. I had some of my most amazing results from Body Beast (see below), so I’m eager to start again! Honestly, I’m kind of breaking Beachbody Coach”rules” because I’m a rebel like that. Ok they don’t have rules, but they always recommend following a program as written from start to finish because those trainers who make them are legit and know what they are talking about. But sorry y’all, I just need the strength! I’ve worked on my fitness for years now & know a lot of what my body & mind need. & I feel like it’s my obligation to be honest and upfront with you about that.

BODY BEAST transformation

So….let’s talk about nutrition. First off, I have a HUGE “My bad” for you. Because honestly, I’ve SUCKED IT UP as far as nutrition. I’ve been awful. Fast food. Sweets. Oh my! I was great during the week…as seen here:

Healthy dinner

BUT….yeah. This weekend I went wild.

Tara S Porter

So I’m dialing it in—later this week I’m going to break down for you my whole strategy for nutrition & fitness, so do stay tuned. But for know, just know I’m getting my crap together. This is a HUGE deal for me because normally I want to totally give up, but I’m pushing forward & focusing on what I can do RIGHT NOW to get stronger. What can I do RIGHT NOW to be better?

Goal setting

All right….you ready for this week’s meals?

Meal Plan

  • Early AM – I will have to talk about this in a separate post, because I need to justify me being a rebel (yet again), but I’m starting my day with my Beachbody Performance Recover with half a banana & the Energize.
  • Post workout – Shakeology
  • Oatmeal + Eggs OR Ezekiel Bread Toast, PB, & Eggs
  • Lunches: a chicken, apple, celery salad (stay tuned, I’m sharing this awesomeness shortly!); baked potato with broccoli and turkey taco meat
  • Afternoon snack: nuts, fruit, etc (just depends on where my macros/containers are at)

OK so now for dinners….

This week's dinners

I’m mostly using my pressure cooker this week 🙂 Anyone else have one? So…mind you, I’m TESTING recipes this week. So you can test with me and let me know what you think!
Sunday – Sunday Family Dinner with In Laws–I hear Carne Asada is on the menu…yum!
Monday – Pressure Cooker German Pot Roast from Great Food Fast *(I’m tweaking recipe to make it clean-don’t worry, I’ll share if it’s good!), broccoli, salad
TuesdayPressure Cooker Pork Carnitas, corn tortillas, salad, refried beans (probably will just have family eat the beans unless I have some carbs left) 
WednesdaySlow cooker Asian Lettuce Cups, edamame 
Thursday – Cheesy Chicken broccoli & rice from Great Food Fast* (modifying it to make it clean), salad
Friday“Best Ever NY Pizza“, salad (Why am I always such a sucker for Pinterest pins that read” Beat Ever ___”?!?!?) I am not modifying this recipe to make it clean, BUT I’m not a HUGE pizza person, so I’ll likely have one slice & then fill my plate with a salad.
Saturday – Treat Meal
*So side note on Great Food Fast—so far I’ve tried two recipes from this book & both were the BOMB DOT COM. But heads up: it’s for using a pressure cooker
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