WOW! Country Heat is in the books and it was a BLAST! I think this is definitely my soul mate workout. And this from a gal who never thought she liked country music! In my defense, the music is more crossover country music–not super twangy or “I lost my dog, and house, and girl” stuff.

Country Heat Results

Now I did something CRAZY (ok not that crazy) and started the week doing the 3 Day Refresh. I’ve done it before (and loved it), but not while doing the workout. I won’t sugarcoat it for you—it was harder this time! I think since it came right off my trip to Nashville, where I didn’t eat a ton, I was already feeling slightly deprived. So I was a big baby about it! But I did FEEL good. And the dinners were super tasty!

So let me quickly break down what your meals are:

  • Breakfast: Shakeology + 1 piece of fruit
  • Snack: Fiber sweep (it’s like a flax, psyllium husk and other things blend—it’s like drinking oatmeal, isn’t fun, but chug chug chug!)
  • Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake + vegetable serving + fat serving + fruit serving
  • Snack: Vegetable serving = fat serving
  • Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake + Dinner recipe from list (we did the stir fry and loved it!!) + 1 cup broth (this is optional–and you can add herbs to it, we did green onions and it was delightful)

Note on the Vanilla Fresh: call me cheater cheater, but I just couldn’t stand it. It’s GROSS. Now my husband and in laws thought it was fine but I hate vanilla shakes, so I was a big baby. So I broke the rules—I did a LITTLE less of that (like EVER so little) and I did a TINY bit of Cafe Latte. It was just enough to take the edge off of it and it was just fine.


3 Day Refresh Review

My Secret to the 3 Day Refresh

I have tip for those of you doing the 3 Day Refresh. First off—yes it’s worth it! My husband isn’t drinking as much soda. He doesn’t even find it appealing right now. YAY! But my tip: SLEEP through it. You think I kid, but I’m dead serious. Clear that calendar and sleep. I have my kiddos watching movies to their hearts content, and mama bear is ZZZZZZ. Bad Mom award? Eh, whatever. Once I bounce back, I’m back to my old Mom self—muah ah ah!

3 Day Refresh Review

3 Day Refresh Results

So I did this with my husband and in laws and EACH of us lost 4 pounds! Now, I never like to measure weight for the refresh, because that is NOT what it’s about. So let’s be clear, much of that four pounds is likely water weight. And the 3 Day Refresh is MORE than just weight loss. If you are doing it for that, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I do it because it restarts my habits. When I’m in a habit of fast food and soda, it breaks it. When I’m in the habit of some chocolate after dinner, it breaks it. And plus it’s just a signal to my mind that I MEAN BUSINESS.

After 3-Day Refresh

BUT, with that being said. Once it was done, I kept facing temptations and felt SO deprived. So I decided to let myself have a few treat meals on Friday and Saturday. I don’t recommend this for everyone. But knowing my history of food obsession, I knew I needed to let myself do it a little, and then I’m bouncing back now. I didn’t so super crazy, I promise. Do I wish I did that? No. Do I regret it? A little. Am I beating myself up? No. Because that is when I go crazy and eat waaaaay more. So I’m taking a deep breath & moving on.

Sneak Peek At the Moves:

OK so here are some glimpses of the moves. If you follow me at Facebook, you can see all of them (I’m posting them daily). But they are SO much fun! I’m not super coordinated (as you can see!), but the moves are simple enough to where I can grasp them. And the workout FLIES by!

I also had a chance to try the Dance Conditioning workout and LOVED it. It reminded me of the days when I did dance in PE and we did all the warmup stuff (rotate the head, roll the hips, etc). It was fun! She threw in a few dance moves in that one too, so it wasn’t all isolation and such.

Week 1 Results

I am FLOORED by my week 1 results!!! So exciting!!! I lost so many inches!!!

Measurement Starting Week 1 Difference
 Weight  143.2  140.5  -2.7
 Neck  13.75  13.75  0
 Chest  33.25  32  -1.25
 Waist  32  30.75  -1.25
 Mama pooch  37 35.75  -1.25
 Hips  41  39.5  -1.5
 Left Thigh  23.5  23.5  0
 Right Thigh  23.75  23.75  0
 Left arm  11.5  11.5  0
 Right arm  11  11.5  +.5
 Total Inches  226.75  210  -13.75


Country Heat ResultsMeal Plan

This week I’m eager to try all of the tasty recipes in the Country Heat book, so my meal planning strategy is a little different (normally I try to eat similar containers at certain times, this time I’m all over the place!). For the poblano chicken chili recipe, go to the Recipes tab on my site. If the others are good, I’ll post the recipes there too.

Country Heat meal Plan

Try Country Heat

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