Oh my goodness y’all, I’m ECSTATIC about this opportunity. Check it out—-Beachbody has put together a pot of over $1 million dollars. YES, one million dollars. And all people who successfully complete the Beachbody Health Bet challenge get to SPLIT the pot of money!!!!

Beachbody Heath Bet Challenge

Here are the requirements

  • Participate in an Official Health Bet Challenge Group (I’m hosting one)
  • Check in at least 5 times a week with a post-Shakeology drinking photo
  • Check in at least 3X a week with a post-workout photo.

Do that, and you WIN–you split the pot of money! Not only do you win some extra cash, but you also win because you are focusing on your HEALTH!!!

(This does require you getting a workout program & Shakeology, so I can talk about promotions going on. And remember, if you find you don’t like it, you can return it in 30 days, so it’s a no-risk chance)

What Are These Challenges?

Our challenges are the bomb dot com. Every day there will be a chance for you to check in and learn from others. We share healthy meals, meal plans, tips, motivation, and more! It’s an AMAZING community that helps you stick to your fitness goals. I used to be the person who never stuck to any workouts, but I found these groups & got in amazing shape

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

I now focus on YOU. I check in with you–help you troubleshoot things–basically I’m your cheerleader so that you don’t feel alone!

What’s this Shakeology Stuff?

Let’s also talk about Shakeology. Shakeology is a part of the challenge and it is a superfood shake. It’s made from 100% FOOD. No imitation chemical crud. It’s fueling your body with the best of the best. It will be hands down your healthiest meal of the day. I personally felt sluggish before I started drinking Shakeology—now I have way more energy AND it made me lose weight faster….plus I crave way less.


If you are interested in the Health Bet Challenge, fill out the form below to begin registration:

NOTE: REGISTRATION CLOSES AUGUST 31st, 2016. If you are completing this after registration, I’ll put you in my next challenge, that is not a Health Bet challenge

Fill out my online form.

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