This is a VERY vulnerable post–and one I’ve hesitated to share with you for some time. But I vowed that I’d always keep it totally real with you…so….here it goes….

I’ve learned 2 things on  my fitness journey:

  1. Not everything works for everyone
  2. It’s a gradual learning process where you learn more about yourself each day.


I’ve been LOVING doing Beachbody Workouts & doing my best with the nutrition plan. I find the portion containers do WONDERS for getting me to get in my foods.

But to be totally honest, which I always aim to be with you, one of the hardest struggles for me is with with following the Portion Fix containers 100% (which is what most programs come with now).

Now stop right here for a second–you NEED to finish this article. Because I still think the containers are important during a certain stage and I still have my clients start with them. OK? You’ll learn why in a second.

All right, let’s keep talking. So I follow the containers, but then a family member calls up & wants to go out. Or hubs and I decide we want to go out. Or maybe I want to make a dish that isn’t 100% to the containers. This is my struggle. There’s no way in heck I’m ordering a salad when I’m out—I hate salads and I’m not paying money to be punished! But I also want to stay on track.

I know my life needed an overhaul for SOME things, but there are some things that I CHOOSE to leave in my life–and I’m at peace with that. A family meal out at a restaurant 1-2 times a week is something I don’t want to compromise at this point.

As a perfectionist, this makes it TOUGH to follow the containers–if I go off and am “not perfect”, I go wild! Like row of oreos, multiple fast food trips, scarfing down everything in sight. It ain’t pretty.

What I’m Doing Now

So lately I’ve tracked nutrition (calories & macros) & have done much better. I feel much more balanced with life & my eating. Honestly, when I had the weight loss success before (shown below) it was with counting calories & macros:


My Perfectionist Struggle With Portion Fix Containers

Now let’s juxtapose that photo shown above (the “after” on the right) with a more recent photo. The photo below is 2 years AFTER the 21 Day Fix came out. So when the program came out, I realized I back pedaled a lot. I kept falling & picking myself back up. What the heck is going on? I didn’t have this much struggle before! This photo below on the left is where I got BACK to. Yep–my original weight.



Now PLEASE keep reading, because I’m not hating on the 21 Day Fix. But I found there was little room for my lifestyle—I wanted some kind of balance and if I wasn’t following the containers 100%, I felt guilty and then just went buck-wild with my eating.

So again, not hating on the containers, I think they help many (and they have helped me in one way–I’ll share in a minute). I just needed some time to figure out how this applied to my perfection & sabotage mentality.

So How DO The Containers Help Me?

NOW….with that being said, I still follow the containers roughly. This makes sure I’m getting my carbs from a variety of food types (vegetables, fruits, starchy carbs, etc). When I counted macros before, I found I didn’t get enough vitamin-rich fruits & veggies in.

So a blend of both counting macros AND roughly tracking containers is important FOR ME.

Plus if I follow the containers roughly, I find that keeps my macros relatively in line.

So I am SO GRATEFUL that I was introduced to them. AND I think every one of my clients needs to start with that because it is a simple way of making sure you are getting in right foods. I will STILL recommend it. But if I see a client struggling with the perfectionist mentality, I will probably now steer them towards macro counting (AFTER they complete 1-2 rounds of the containers first).

Why Am I Sharing This?

My goal at this site is to be transparent. AND one of the biggest missions I have is to show other women that a fitness journey isn’t about perfection. It’s about learning about our bodies. If you’ve followed me for a long time, I tweak things here and there. I listen to my body. I try to come up with the best solution FOR ME.

It breaks my heart when I see women have poor success with something (like let’s say a woman just CAN’T follow the containers 100%) and think something is wrong with her because she can’t. “Everyone else seems to do it, why not me? What is wrong with me?”

Ick, I don’t want you feeling that. You hear me? Nothing is WRONG with you (ok, maybe some things, no one is perfect!), but your struggle with following the containers isn’t something “wrong”—it’s just something you need to learn about yourself. Something you need to tweak.

Now sure, if your goal is to get healthy, you DO need to change your lifestyle in some way. But you also need to tweak and find that right balance.

So later this week I want to share with you one of the resources that has helped me tremendously–I’ll also share my new plan. You excited?