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One of the things I’ve focused a lot on lately during my fitness journey is self love. Or, my lack of it!!!! I bet many of you can relate to this—you are on your fitness journey and you are your WORST critic.

“I screwed up, I can NEVER do this.”

“That person is totally looking at my belly, aren’t they?”

“I look horrible in this.”

“I’m not as fit as ____”

And that form of thinking has REALLY derailed me. And I’ve learned that in my struggle with food addiction, that I tend to pour myself into food to help ease the pain. Having the kiddos home this summer has also been kind of tough on me–I’m worn out! And so it’s tougher to do things like prep and make dinner. So when I DON’T, I eat out. Then I get mad at myself.

But this quote I read this week was a HUGE wakeup call this week:

Self Love

I initially thought this quote was a load of crud. But think about it—if I’m sitting there critiquing myself for eating out, my daughter is watching. What does that do for her? Would I want her critiquing herself for how she eats? But by doing so in front of her, I am teaching her to do that, so I essentially am. When I’m constantly mad at myself for X, Y, and Z, how does that teach my son to cope with disappointment? I wouldn’t talk to HIM like that, and yet I’m teaching him to talk to himself like that.

But seeing this quote—man I want to love my kids to the moon and BACK! So that gives me so much drive to love myself to the moon and BACK!!!!

So I wanted to share with you my game plan for this week. My self-love game plan. I’d love it if you could join me!!! Comment over on my Facebook page, or even sign up for my upcoming Free 5-Day Group or my 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge.

Have a Plan

I sat down and set up my plan for the week. I’m actually doing my 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge, so most of my meal plan is based on that. But because of the nutrition plan I am on, I needed to add in a bit more:
Portion Fix Grilling Meal Plan B

Fuel With Superfoods

Energy is my biggest struggle right now!!! So I am really focusing on making sure I get in my daily superfoods with Shakeology. When I don’t drink it, my energy levels are like night and day

T25, Body Beast, Health and Fitness

Watch the Stress

I was reading last night that when you are in a phase where your body is essentially “detoxing” from your bad habits, one of the worst things you can do for your health is have stress. Corisol levels are already elevated during this change, so it’s better to do all you can to stay CALM. So my plan of attack this week is to CHILL more. If my kids go out to the pool, I’m going to sit and enjoy the moment. I’ll enjoy family time. I’ll read. I’ll take walks. I will ENJOY the calm of life!

Workouts are also my biggest stress release (but more on that in a second!)

22 Minute Hard Corps Review


Like I just said, working out is KEY for my sanity. But I find I need a good mix of heavy weight lifting and cardio. Cardio helps get out any built up tension, but heavy weightlifting is like meditation. I think about NOTHING. My mind is super clear and it fills me with joy! I am never staring at the clock, I’m just enjoying it all. So I am starting T25 Beta this week, but I am mixing in Body Beast. I don’t recommend this if you are doing either of these programs for the first time, but I am doing this and paying VERY close attention to making sure I’m getting in sufficient calories.
T25, Body Beast, Health and Fitness

Blessing the Mind

Oh my goodness, FINA-FLIPPING-LY a book that falls in line with my nutrition beliefs!!!!! You all know that my biggest pet peeve with the weight loss community is the complete NEGLECT of the mental component of weightloss. I’m sorry, health is NOT 80% nutrition, 20% fitness. It’s more like 60% mental, 30% nutrition, 10% fitness. If I am stressed, sorry, but you can TELL me not to eat a donut, but if my mind isn’t there, #sorrynotsorry—-I’m going Homer Simpson on that thing.

So I’m super excited about what I’ve read in The Hunger Fix–and I plan on finishing it. My challengers have recommended this to me so much (and I’m going to consider it NO coincidence that the challengers who are rocking the challenge the most right now are those who read this book!). This book is really helping me with the self-love component because it’s showing me that there isn’t anything inherently WRONG with me that one person can avoid a cupcake (or whatever) and I can’t. It’s explaining so much of the science of it all.

Because I’m the most distracted person on the planet, OF COURSE I’m reading two books at once (technically 3 if you include fiction!). So for more self-love expertise, I’m turning to this book:

So that’s my strategy!!!! What are ways you incorporate a bit of self-love into your life?