Hey all! I have to apologize for a bit of the radio silence. My daughter has had some health issues that have made it a bit tough to juggle everything. And of course my motto is family first! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t workout–I definitely kept up with my daily workouts.


Because we got a little off schedule on workouts, I decided I wanted to start again with my 22 Minute Hard Corps schedule. I’ve been LOVING the program, and my husband wants to join me, so I’m pumped for a fresh start!!!
22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Calendar

I want to start a program and really dig deep and get through it. I’d love to say I’m this “got it all together” gal, but honestly, I’m human and I make mistakes. This whole losing weight thing doesn’t come easily to me from the mental aspect. I have products that produce amazing results, but it’s on me to use them. And when the going gets tough, it takes every fiber of my being to work through it. I spent this time absorbed in personal development to help give me some strength and I take on this program, so I wanted to share some insights I got with you.

  1. Your Mind Goes Where You Tell It To Go: Are you saying “I can’t do this” “I am not a fit person” “I am not disciplined”? Then guess what, that will definitely be true! I am seeing that myself–when I’m determined and focused and saying “I can totally do this”—I do! When I doubt myself or label myself, that’s when my pace slows considerably.

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2. Fill Your Heart With GRATITUDE: I want to be angry about working out. Angry about eating healthy. But to combat that, I am working very hard to be grateful. I’m grateful I have foods to chose from. I’m grateful for a healthy body. I’m grateful for my LIFE. Filling my mind with gratitude helps to change my perspective and attitude. I’ve heard of people writing down 3 things they are grateful for each day and honestly, I thought it was a load of crud. Waste of time. But I started doing it and WOW it has made an impact on things! There’s something about writing down these amazing things I’m showered with that helps shift me from Grumpy Gus into Twinkling Tara!Motivational Quote

3. Change what you do DAILY: This has been hard for me. I workout daily, that’s no problemo (didn’t used to be, but the Challenge Groups helped fix that). But the food….ah that is my everest!!! So I want to incorporate a daily ROUTINE to help me with my nutrition. The 22 Minute Hard Corps eating schedule, when I follow it, is genius and keeps me on track. The timing of the foods is perfect for my body. But I want to come up with a system where I’m consistently eating similar foods—I find overthinking things each meal makes my mind open to some temptations. I also want to stash in my purse some healthy options because about 99% of my crappy decisions are when I’m unexpectedly out and about. Motivational Quote

4. Don’t GIVE UP: I have done this. Repeatedly, and to exhaustion. I am a perfectionist, so the moment I go off course, I give up! But not this time. If I go off course, FINE, I’m going to keep going. I am FINISHING THIS PROGRAM. No starting over this time. I’m pushing through the uncomfortable and doing this. Motivational Quote

5. It’s going to get uncomfortable, and that’s ok: The moment I experience discomfort, I run from it. I’m human, I think most of us do this in some way. “This meal plan is hard to follow, oh let me try a new one” I am a GENIUS when it comes to talking my way out of things! Seriously, I can come up with some heart-wrenching, play-my-tiny-violin story for why I am going to tweak my nutrition. But the fact of the matter is, it’s going to get uncomfortable, and I’m going to have to learn that in order to change, I’m going to have to get out of that comfort zone. These bad habits won’t just say “Oh you want to stop doing this? Oh ok, let me go away” They are going to be an inner battle in my mind—and it’s on me to push through it, with a heart of self-forgiveness AND a heart of determination.

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6. Finding Core HABITS: I rely far too much on daily willpower and resolve. But the more I’ve learned about fit people, the more I learn how they are in a routine of certain things. They do things consistently—same foods, same schedule, etc. So I strive to establish habits. Each week I’ll be reflecting on a certain habit. For example, this week I want to focus on having yogurt as my breakfast protein. This part always trips me up on the meal plan (I hate about everything in the Red container except Shakeology!), but I do tolerate yogurt, so I’m going to incorporate that in. And when I feel I mastered that habit, I move on to a different one. The habit is truly where I will experience growth.


7. I Will Stick With It, Even When the Excitement Wears Off: You can probably relate to this. You start a new fitness or nutrition program. You are EXCITED. Then by the end of week 2, it gets a bit OLD. You lose that enthusiasm. You suddenly look to something new and exciting or you find ways to justify going back to those poor decisions. This time, I’m going to exercise self-discipline to keep going, even when I feel like giving up. Motivational Quote

8. Have Patience With Myself: Like I said before, I’m a PERFECTIONIST, so when I screw up, I kick myself and then go off course. The sabotage I do when beating myself up over a bad decision is ALWAYS worse than the bad decision itself! I eat an unhealthy meal and console myself with a row of Oreos that did far more damage than the meal itself! It’s a struggle of mine, and those who experience similar struggles with food can probably relate.

The thing is, I probably will screw up. I will be great most of the time, but those moment will likely happen. And when they do, I need to be far more forgiving of myself than I have been. Motivational Quote

So with that being said, I am EXCITED for this next journey. I’m realizing that my fitness journey is far more of a MENTAL journey than a PHYSICAL one. I’m powering through those barriers and truly changing my life.

Do you want to do this with me? Registration is open for my next challenge, so if you do want to be a part of it, head on over to this page to register.