OK let’s talk about DISTRACTIONS.

I guarantee you that if you asked all of my friends which friend of theirs is most prone to distractions, they would say ME. I bounce from one thing to the next. SQUIRREL!! And honestly, it really hinders my fitness. I’m being real with y’all—there are some things I’ve learned to develop consistently that have helped my health: Shakeology & Workouts.


But nutrition. Aye, there’s the rub.

I follow the 22 Minute Hard Corps Plan but ooh (Squuirrel!) there’s this Vegetarian Lady on YouTube (Calikim29, oh my gosh she is AMAZING with her gardening tips). Check out my amazing garden salad (that left me starving after an hour!)

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

So yeah, then I’m vegan, but OOOH my friend tracks her calories on My Fitness Pal (squirrel!). She can eat whatever she wants. Oh yeah, totes me. I need the freedom to eat whatever I want.

But I’m not eating my vegetables…and YAY I ate a cookies all day. And buffalo chicken dip. Nutella beignets! Oh my! My macros and calories were spot on, but not ONE vegetable or fruit was consumed. EEP! Oh I felt like GARBAGE. I about threw up with every workout:

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

I jump ALL over with this. It’s NOT a strength of mine. But what’s hilarious is I KEEP coming back to the Beachbody Nutrition. Those silly containers help me! and what cracks me up is as I’m coaching my clients who are getting amazing success, I’m not throwing all these squirrels at them—I’m telling them to FOCUS! And guess what? They get killer results!

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan

So I’m heeding my own advice and FOCUSING! Anytime y’all see me going off track, you better hold me to this. No trying different stuff. 22 Minute Hard Corps workout + meal plan. No iffs, ands, or butts. Kapeesh?

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Prep

I am going to back to what works–those containers!

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan

Here’s the deal, I screw up A LOT. I’m not perfect. Some have it all together (or give off that facade). I’ll never tell you that. I’ll be real, I’ll be me. Sometimes I worry that deters people. They want the perfect package. But I want to reach those people who are human—screwing up, but by golly they are DETERMINED to find a way.

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

I saw this quote (shown below) recently and it was an eye opener. So often I think we have this belief (or at least I do!) that these habits should be easy to change if my desire to change them is strong enough. But the thing is, it’s GOING to be uncomfortable.

12419244_1309564715737341_1055300627648523596_o (2)

So I need your support! You got my back? I can have yours too!!! Btw, in case you missed it, registration did officially open for my Harry Potter Fitness Challenge—so we can hold each other accountable to our goals–all while having fun with all kinds of wizarding challenges! So pop on over to my Harry Potter Fitness Challenge Registration if you want in.

Harry Potter fitness challenge