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22 Minute Hard Corps Full Program Guide

I am so excited because my 22 Minute Hard Corps package arrived in the mail. Now luckily I was already able to access the workouts and meal plan online with Beachbody On Demand. But still, it’s nice to touch the real deal!

Why The Challenge Pack?

The Challenge Pack is hands down the best package that you can get. I’ll go in detail everything you get in the package–but just as a general overview, you are essentially getting the program, additional materials, AND a 30 day supply of Shakeology for only $140 (this month). That is an $85 savings. Now I get it, some of you may be nervous about that investment. I was too when I first heard about Shakeology. But the thing is, this program is written for those drinking Shakeology daily. That is one of the tools to get you results. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t feel so strongly about it. I’ve seen over and over and over again people trying to cut corners and do these programs without the Shakeology and in almost all cases, their results are drastically different.

If you mean business, invest in yourself. You are worth it. And don’t forget that there is a full money-back guarantee, so if it ends up NOT working, you have 30 days to return. it. You truly have no excuses if you are ready to make this happen. So are you ready???? Let’s do this! So here’s my video to walk you through it:

Workout DVDs: 
The package includes the following workouts

  • Cardio 1
  • Cardio 2
  • Cardio 3
  • Resistance 1
  • Resistance 2
  • Resistance 3
  • Core 1
  • Core 2
  • Cold Start Warmup
  • “Battle Buddy” Workout (exclusive for those purchasing a Challenge Pack)
  • P90X3 Warrior Workout

Now I go into more details on these workouts in my weekly reviews, so make sure you are following my 22 Minute Hard Corps Guide

22 Minute Hard Corps Full Program Guide

For this month only (March 2016), if you purchase a 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack, you get the sandbag for free. This is used in many of the workouts and I will be going into detail on this sandbag in a later post.

Quick Start: A quick start to give you all the essentials in order to start your plan with success

22 Minute Hard Corps Kit

Rations for Results Nutrition Guide: This helps pair you with the right meal plan for your specific needs. It breaks things down into easy to understand portions. You can see my detailed discussion of this in my article 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan Overview & Prep

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Prep

Workout Calendar:This tells you exactly what to do on each day, so you have no question on what to do! This was created by a team of experts and was designed to deliver the best results possible. Follow that bad boy. Put it up on a wall and mark that calendar off with Xs.

Portion Fix Containers: These color coded containers help make sure you aren’t going overboard on the portions you are eating. My favorite thing about them is they completely transformed how I eat and made me realize that I was so out of balance with my macronutrients (your balance of proteins-fats-carbohydrates). I love them because they are so easy to count in the day (especially with how this program lays it out) and I’m not obsessing over numbers like I am with calorie counting.

21 Day Fix Containers

Shakeology Cup: I love these cups because it makes it so easy to blend Shakeology on the go

30 Day Supply of Shakeology: This nutrient dense shake was KEY to my own success in my fitness journey. It gives you an amazing nutritional foundation. It helped give me more energy, fewer cravings, and increased weight loss (if you don’t want to lose weight, I recommend having it more as a snack and adding more foods to it). (NOTE: Instead of the Shakeology, you can get a supply of Beachbody Performance Recover and Beachbody Performance Energize with the Performance Challenge Pack).

Free 30 Day Trial of Beachbody On Demand: I LOOOOVE this because I’m impatient. So instead of stalking the mail carrier, I can actually access my workouts and meal plans after about
48-72 hours after my purchase (this time around it took only 24 hours) using Beachbody On Demand. So I was able to start rocking and rolling. Kind of reminds me of that When Harry Met Sally quote when Harry says, “When you realize you want the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” When I commit to a fitness program, I want to start RIGHT THEN! And you pretty much can. Plus you can access over $2,000 worth of workouts. Ever heard of P90X? It’s all in there. Turbo Fire? All in there. Insanity? All in there. There are also sample workouts from 21 Day Fix, PiYo, T25, and a bunch more. And new content is added every week. I can’t say enough about Beachbody On Demand. I absolutely love it.

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

Coaching Support: Those who purchase a Challenge Pack from me are also enrolled in my private support group. I plug you into an app where you check in daily with your Shakeology & workouts. Also, I’m in there daily giving you support to help you finish what you started. I share sample meal plans & tips. It’s also a great community of people who inspire one another and encourage one another. I kept trying over and over again to lose weight, and it wasn’t until I found these groups that I finally lost my 20 pounds. You can read more about my Challenge Groups in this post to see what amazing results they’ve produced. It’s an amazing group of people. Whatever you do this program without support! It’s so much more fun when you have others cheering you on.

22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack

If you want to apply to my next challenge, or just get some more information on it, fill out this form below and I’ll be in touch with you shortly:

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