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22 Minute Hard Corps Full Program Guide

WOW WOW WOW. Have you all tried 22 Minute Hard Corps yet? I was seriously this program’s BIGGEST skeptic. I told my husband I’d never try this program. Bootcamp style? No thanks! I had a chance to test drive this workout–so I did–walking in with all skepticism. And I loved it!

I love how fast it is–22 Minutes–I am in and OUT. I can go on with my day.

I love the counting format….it keeps me from staring at the clock and counting down.

If I ever DO stare at the clock, I love that there’s not that much time left

I love the meal plan—it’s designed SO WELL and I’m not hungry. Funny story on this–today I was REALLY hungry, for the first time ever during the program. Rather than reaching fro more food, I went and looked at my meal plan. Did I miss something? Yep! My orange at lunch. The program is THAT precise.

I’m already noticing a difference in my body. I’ve lost 3 pounds an inch and a half in my waist!!! And I’m down 3.75 inches overall!

22 Minute Hard Corps Week 1 Progress

OK that was the CliffNotes version. Let me walk you through Week 1!

Workouts Overview

So funny story–I was totally JAMMING with my first day of 22 Minute Hard Corps. Justin Timberlake totally blaring in my ears, dancing between exercises during the warmup workout. Oh how cute. Let me post a photo to Facebook showing the world how totally funny and awesome I am…

22 Minute Hard Corps

So….what happened next I envision to look something like this. Somewhere Tony is watching this post….

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

And it went downhill from there. At the end of the workout I spent 5 minutes dry heaving in the bathroom! A workout has NEVER made me do that! Now, let me just say I REALLY pushed myself (probably more than I should have). I went that point where my body was giving out, and instead of doing 2-3 reps more, I did like 20 reps more. I just wanted to push myself. Not sure I recommend that—I was dizzy and felt awful!

Since then I’ve definitely pushed myself, but also listened to when my body needed me to slow down (and I did a modifier then). I tend to tell myself I can’t do something that I can, so I will say I push myself to do a few more reps non modified than I thought I could.

I’m sure Moms can relate to the photo below—some workouts you also serve as a jungle gym!

Cardio 1

So Cardio 1 (AKA Tony’s Revenge Against Tara) was a great cardio workout (I truly mean that! I have done it 2 other times sans the dry heaving!)

The workout has 3 rounds. You do the same exercises in each round, but with a different number of reps.

Exercises include:

T Jacks (a favorite Tony Horton Move of mine). For some reason it doesn’t induce the post-childbirth Jumping Jack Pee that regular Jacks do! Yeah I went there, why not!? So your legs do the regular Jack, but your arms first go out to the side, then in front of you, side, front of you, side, front of you. Can someone please explain to me why this format doesn’t affect my post-childbirth body the way regular jumping jacks do? Is there some connection between arms up and bladder control? (Oh my gosh if my parents are reading this they are probably gasping that I’m talking about it! I’m in a mood today, aren’t I?!?!)

A Skips So I think I’m totally in my right mind for having my JT/Michael Jackson playlist blaring with this workout because you totally do the Running Man!!! I flipping love this!

Lunge Twists Basically this is a lunge as you are moving your arms to the other side. The thing I love about Tony is that he takes some of the most basic exercises and gives them his unique spin, so it stays interesting. This is definitely one of those.

Run Lunge Squat: In this one you are in a squat the whole time, but you go back to a lunge, then back to center, lunge again on the other side. I LOVE the rhythm of this one! So while my legs are loaded the whole time, I really enjoy it

OK so we need to talk about the toughest parts of the workout before YOU decide to get all cutesy posting on FB about how much fun you’re having:

Burpees The root of all evil. And yes, you do a lot of these. You can modify and do them at double the speed. I ended up doing that. I’d love to do all of them one day!

Side Shuffle You stay in a squat and shuffle to the side and reach towards your shin, then back to the other side, going back and forth. The SPEED of this is what throws me off. It makes it hard, especially because your muscles are totally loaded the whole time!

Bear Crawl So I’ve heard form others that this is hard. I personally don’t struggle with it, but then again I have always focused a lot on my shoulders, so maybe I am stronger there?

OK so in between each round of exercises (btw, these weren’t in order at all), you have a 22 second break. Then at the end here IS a bonus round. I visualize this as like wringing out the last of a sponge, because that is truly what happens. It takes any energy you have left in the workout and just empties it out (in a good way, I swear). You do 22 Bear Crawls and 22 Burpees.  Oh my! Then you have a cooldown and you are DONE!

Core 1

OK Tony, you’re cheating!!!! There’s a 10 minute ab workout on the calendar. This makes it a 32 minute workout that you do 3 days of the week—but I’m not gonna complain. This workout is FUN! Each move you only do 11 reps. There are so many of my favorite Tony Horton Ab moves, like one where you roll back like a roly poly and go up into a V. Or one where you roll to the side and V up sideways, and roll over to the other side. Or one where you totally feel like a military stud when you do a push-up, do a roll, then do another push-up. I will never be as superhero awesome as those serving our country, but this move definitely makes me feel kinda cool like them. There’s another move (shown below) where your heels are touching and knees spread out while you go up for a twist crunch.

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

There’s something about core workouts that make my son want to climb all over me. Can you relate?

Resistance 1

What’s a Tony Horton workout without pull-ups? And this had them! I loved this workout. I love that it incorporated resistance.

Pull-Ups Just your basic Pull-Ups. So happy to be building those large muscle groups. I personally use the Chin Up Max to help assist me. When I did P90X3 before I went from now being able to lift myself an inch to being able to do 1.5 unassisted pull-ups. I’m excited to see how far I’ll get after this program.

Squat Thrusts: I love any move that works my shoulders. You squat and push up the weights/sandbag overhead.

Pushups: Again, super basic pushups!

Chopper Lunge: It’s moves like this that make me love Tony’s style. He takes something simple (a lunge) and makes it interesting. In this move, you move the weight/sandbag to one side of your body as you do a lunge, then as you switch legs, you move the weight/sandbag to the other side—so your arms end up doing a kind of figure 8 motion.

That’s just a few of the moves—but they are all fantastic and the workout goes by so FAST—oh wait, it is fast. 😉 You do 3 rounds of the moves—so I like that you know exactly what you are going to do and just have to get through it and do your absolute best each round. Oh and there is a bonus round that has some pushup/burpees that suck the last little bit of energy out of you.

22 Minute Hard Corps Review

Overall Comments On the Workouts This Week

With this plan, I just don’t have a valid excuse to miss a workout. One night I had company over until super late and just couldn’t justify skipping the workout. It’s ONLY 22 Minutes. I love that. And my fellow challengers have said the same: they haven’t missed a workout.

22 Minute Hard Corps Review


The meal plan is the bomb.dot.com. How the meals are broken down makes it to where I’m not really hungry (and you can read about the meal plan in my 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan post).

Here are some photos of what I’m eating:

22 Minute Hard Corps Recipe

Tilapia with Cajun Mojo Sauce, Green Beans, and Sweet Potato (photo is inaccurate, only had half a cup of sweet potato)

22 Minute Hard Corps Recipe

You can get a copy of my 22 Minute Hard Corps Week 1 meal plan in this post

But here is this week’s Meal Plan:

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan Week 2

If you want to do this program with me, I’d love to have you in my next 21 Day Challenge where you can get more meal plans, support, and more. Simply fill out this form below and I’ll be in touch with you shortly:

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