Happy Leap Year? Or is it Leap Day? Oh I’m so confused, Happy February 29th! In honor of Leap-year(yeah let’s go with that), I wanted write a little about FEAR and facing our fears. So here we go!!!

“So explain to me again, WHY aren’t you a professor?”

I got this question a few weeks ago and it floored me. It unearthed a whole slew of fears tat I had been able to rid myself of over the last year. I was all primed and ready to be a professor at a university. Doctorate work nearly complete. But my heart wasn’t there. I was passionate more about training than teaching in a classroom. Stacks of papers would turn into me becoming a monster in the home. It wasn’t me.

Take a Leap, Beachbody Coaching

So I made a dramatic decision to not pursue a professorship after my degree–at least for this period in my life. Instead, I opted for staying at home and building a business from home while my kids are at this age. I wanted to be present.


But that question stunned me–because in order to get to the place where I am now, I had to go through a LOT of fears as an online fitness  coach.

“What will people think?”

“Will I let my dissertation director down?”

“Will my family see me as a disappointment?”

“When I post online do people just see me as another MLM Mom working under a false illusion that she’ll be rich someday?”

“Do my friends see everything I do now more as me trying to get $$$ from them, rather than me genuinely caring and wanting to be there for them?


I got to this suffocating place where I cared about what OTHERS thought of me. My decisions were ruled based on who I would or would not disappoint—with little thought to the feelings of myself and my immediate family.

Until I decided to focus on MY dreams. MY family. MY vision for the future.12356822_1238138556213291_7056651664910646732_o

That was when I was able to begin painting my life by design. I was able to build up my business from home based on my vision, not anyone else’s.

Some books that really helped me come to this sense of peace were PUSH by Chalene Johnson, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and No Excuses by Brian Tracy. But really listening to any kind of personal development for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes a day did wonders for me. You’ll see me up 2 hours before my family wakes up working on myself, walking around the house with headphones listening to personal development while cleaning, listening to it while driving, and reading it in the afternoon. It gives me FOCUS, peace, and calm in the face of those fears. It drowns out the opinions of the world and helps me focus on me and my potential.

So in honor of Leap Year, I want you to think of an area of your life that SCARES you. Some commitment that you are afraid of taking. And I want you to take a leap. Do that thing that scares you. Don’t freak out about failure or what others thing. You’ll never know until you do it (and for peace of mind, prayer is a great way to know if it’s a good decision).

Hey, maybe it is being a Beachbody Coach with me (I think it’s no coincidence that my team’s name is Team Leaps & Bounds). Let me take you under my wing, reassure you, give you the simple tools you need to build an amazing business. You’ve got this. If you really are interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I will be in touch with you shortly.

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