I’ve had a TON of questions from people about how I organize my freezer. Honestly, since we started organizing our freezer better, we have saved SO MUCH MONEY (in addition to our grocery method that is saving us hundreds)!!! We have easy to grab meals and we are never buying extra stuff because we can easily see what we have.

Awesome freezer organization tips

Watch the video below to see what we do:

Here are my tips:

Use Office Organization Racks to Separate Foods

Just make sure you whatever you get isn’t too tall for your freezer shelf! But by putting these in our freezer, nothing gets lost. Everything is easily separated.

Stellar freezer organization

Have a Shelf for Freezing Food Flat In Freezer Bags

We have one completely empty shelf in our freezer to allow us to flash freeze things. Trust me, I SO GET that it is tempting to fill that shelf up!!!! But it’s worth it to leave it empty. I do things like take nearly overripe bananas, peel them, and lay them flat on a cookie sheet (topped with silicone mat so it doesn’t stick) and flash freeze them on that tray before I then throw it all in a bag and then it is easy to grab for my morning shake or an afternoon smoothie for the kids. I do the same thing with servings of cookie dough….that way if I want to make just TWO cookies, I can (but who on earth would just make TWO cookies?!).


Freeze Meals in Freezer Bags

Using the method I just talked to you about, I freeze all kinds of meals. I make a double batch of soup, chili, or whatever and I can freeze it flat, label it, and then sit it upright (in those fancy organizers) and then when I want a meal, it’s like going to a filing cabinet to select what I want!!! It makes things WAY easier to grab and saves us from being tempted to eat out!

Freezer organization

Stock Yourself With Meal Prep Ingredients

Think a little outside of the box with your ice box <—sorry, couldn’t resist! Have a little leftover buttermilk? Freeze it in silicone ice cubes. Have that extra tomato paste? Freeze it in a small bag! Have that giant knob of ginger but you only needed a sliver? Peel it and then freeze it! We freeze bacon and slice it at an opposite angle (yes, you can cut right through frozen bacon) and it’s a great small addition to a meal (think bacon bits, but way more awesome).

You can store leftover grilled chicken so you always have some on hand! Cook a batch of meatballs that you could then use for a variety of meals–Italian wedding soup, spaghetti and meatballs, BBQ meatballs, and more.

So there you have it! Share this with a pal if you think it could help them. But I’d also love to hear YOUR ideas for having a well-organized freezer! Oh and hey, I’m totally open to know how you organize your refrigerator…I still haven’t figured that one out!!!!