Sometime ago, I wrote you all about my realization that we have COMPLETELY oversimplified fitness. We tell people that it’s just “calories in, calories out” and then they beat themselves up when they binge and don’t understand what has happened. I’ve been on a personal crusade to explore our minds and how our MINDS contribute so much to our health. Yes, I KNOW I shouldn’t eat that donut. But when I’m stressed and tired, you can tell me that until the cow’s come home and I’ll still eat it. RIGHT? Been there?

So since that post, I’ve learned one important way to help prevent those mind meltdown moments: ORGANIZATION. I have studied successful people in the fitness industry and they are all prepared! They think ahead! They are somewhat organized!

Set yourself up for success with your fitness goals

I have also been studying incredible books like Change Anything  and The Power of Habit that share various scientific studies that demonstrate how POWERFUL of an impact an environment can have on someone’s success. And I think this relates to more than just fitness, it relates to money too. We KNOW we shouldn’t bust our budget, but still too often we spend more than we earn. You can tell me countless stories of how people use apps like Mint or whatever, but that won’t keep me from buying this blouse on sale (does anyone even USE the word “blouse” anymore?!?!).

So here’s the deal, I’m breaking down for you how you can get your crap together and get organized. It’s NOT just calories in, calories out. It’s about you preparing yourself for the week!

OK, let’s do this—

1 – Look at Your Calendar

What events are coming up? If soccer is on Wednesday, pop food in the crockpot that day so it’s ready when you get home. Where do your workouts fit in? Are you following a set schedule (I recommend that!). Planning ahead with your calendar make sure you are set up right.

Tips for getting organized

2 – Use Your Crockpot

OK, I said this a little in the last tip, but it needs its own section. On those crazy nights, plan ahead and have a crockpot going of healthy meals. In our clean eating challenge we usually have a few of these in our meal plan because when people get home, quite often the LAST thing they want to do is cook. You’re far less likely to grab fast food if you have a pot of food waiting for you when you get home, right?Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.04.04 AM
3 – Follow a Plan

Follow a set plan. My clients follow particular workout program. They are given workouts and a nutrition plan to follow. And because our bodies naturally RESIST things that help us grow, you fight it like MAD. “This doesn’t make sense.” “Why am I not lose weight right away.” But I want to reassure you—follow your calendar and trust the process. If you ever want help being paired with a program and plan for you, you can always sign up for my 21 Day Fitness challenge and I can help.

Body Beast trust the process

4 – Forgive Yourself

Slip-ups HAPPEN. Sure, you want to do what you can to prepare so that there are less chances to screw up. But life happens. if you are the type who aims for perfection, don’t go crazy on yourself if you slip up. Some say “aim for progress, not perfection.” I say, it’s ok to aim for perfection, but don’t you dare give up when you fall short! That is your chance to LEARN about yourself!!! That’s the BEST part of the process, and yet that is when SO MANY OF US GIVE UP!!!! If you slipped up, examine what happened and what to do differently. And hey, we all can splurge a little now and then, so don’t always feel like you did something that needs tweaking!

This week I was really struggling with trying to follow my plan, but I kept slipping up. I realized that I didn’t really have lunches on hand for me, and that caused problems. So I learned from that, and prepared some freezer lunches to have for the following week.
Body Beast strive hit goals

5 – Have a Strategy

Our family maps out our meals for the week. We aren’t big on the whole “Wednesday eat ___” We like our options. So I list out breakfasts, lunches, snacks, etc that all fall in line with our meal plan. I keep this up on our fridge and even have a few “back-up dinners” listed. These are meals we have in our freezer or can whip up in 5 minutes or less, that way we have NO EXCUSES to hit that drive thru! This week we are focusing on having 3 dinners in our freezer and 3 lunches in our freezer.
Body Beast Meal Prep

Those are some of my tips for getting organized with your health and fitness. But the big takeaway? PLAN AHEAD! It doesn’t have to be a bunch of crazy planning, but take some time to think ahead. I’d love to hear some of your planning tips below—comment and share some things that work for you!