Do you ever find that right before your BIGGEST blessings you are your biggest skeptic?

That was totally me! One of the biggest blessings that has happened in my life is becoming an online fitness coach.  Now I’m going to ramble about me for a second, but please bear with me, because it has a message to it that I want you to hear–no matter what path in life you want to take.

Becoming a fitness coach allowed me to quit my full time job, be home and present for my kids, have the freedom to pick my hours, and have the incredible blessing and joy of helping others succeed.

Sounds ideal, right?

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

The thing was, I knew what company I wanted to work for because I believed in the products, but I was really skeptical of the “Multi Level Marketing” thing. I know MLMs….and they are those creepy uncles at parties trying to sell you their latest thing that will get them rich quick (you got one of those too?) or that friend who invites you to her party and you feel totally obligated to fork over $30 for some piece of crud that you’d never, ever buy (sorry if that offends! But you know it happens!). Yeah, I didn’t want to ever make anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable, I just wanted to help those who were willing.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Here was the other problem—if you’d call it a “problem.” It was my pride. I spent YEARS in college earning my doctorate degree (I almost have it, YAY!!!!), and I was all lined up to start becoming a professor….everyone is watching me and EXPECTING me to be a professor. But my heart just wasn’t there—at least not now. I love building training content (which is related to what I studied). Suddenly this “fitness coaching thing” peaked my interest and I found a way that I could apply my skills to this. Now that doesn’t mean that I’ve ruled out the traditional career choices available to me, it just means that right now this is what I know I should do.


Through this experience, I’ve been able to simply share what works for me (a work in progress) and others. I didn’t need to be a “fitness” expert. I just needed to be human, and have this awesome desire to listen to others and help them follow through with their goals. And it turned into this AMAZING business where I’m able to be at home with my kids, determine my own hours, and bring home more money then when I worked outside the home with my kids in daycare 11 hours a day (and working less hours a day). I am a work in progress with fitness, and it’s so great to share that journey with others.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

This is me the day I left my full time job to become a coach

What does this have to do with you?

Well, I want you to push aside your pride. Your fears. Your judgments, and think about doors that are in front of you right now. Are you avoiding something that might be your biggest blessing? Just take a risk and open it! Don’t worry about what other people might think. Think about your priorities and how it aligns with them. Think about how you want to grow and stretch yourself. Think about how you are uniquely YOU and that beautiful stamp that you can put on your world. When you prayerfully focus on that, then that pride gets softened a little, the fears get quiet, and the judgements of others are drowned out by your incredible capacity to hear the voices of those who need that special thing that YOU have.


Now if you are interested in this “coaching thing” (although that is not my overall intention for this post! So don’t take this as a plug…ok fine, go ahead!), I’d love to invite you into a 3-day sneak peek look into my business.

You’ll have private access to videos about my story and those on my team, information about how our team can help support you. You’ll also learn about how to earn money, how to share and not sell, and how this business doesn’t require any specific kind of “expertise”–just a desire to help others consistently. I spent my doctorate work passionate about faculty development–and have turned that into corporate training–and now training my amazing team, and I’m excited to train YOU! If you are interested, click here to fill out my application and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Skeptical about Beachbody coaching