When people have asked me about my own personal weight loss, and what I felt did it, I usually tell them that the 20 pound loss was due to a few things:

  1. Getting a good quality workout program from home
  2. Getting SUPPORT
  3. Drinking a meal replacement (called Shakeology) daily

But my FOURTH reason might surprise you–but I can honestly say this has made the biggest impact: helping others while I’m getting healthier.

How helping others to get fit can improve your health and fitness

I signed up to be a fitness coach and was initially intimidated. I wasn’t at my goal weight. Heck, at that point I was still in the early stages of my journey. But I really had a passion to help others as they did this journey with me.

Get fit while helping others

You Get Accountability

As a coach, your daily goal is to be proof the product works. In fact, when I signed up, I was told about the 3 vital behaviors: drink Shakeology/workout, read personal development, and invite others to join the journey with you. Now this doesn’t mean that I had to have six pack abs…nor does it mean I ever have to. But it is important to be on this journey of living a healthier, happier life. To be a successful coach, I need to live that journey daily. Sure, I mess up, but I keep with it because I know that as I am an example of how the product works, others can be inspired to try it and changed their lives. And, as an added bonus, I am able to grow my business and help support my family.

As I check in with my fellow coaches for accountability with my business, I report on whether or not I drank my Shakeology and workout (among other business-related tasks like inviting others). So that added accountability also helps me stick with it.

Get fit while helping others

Get fit while helping others

You Learn From Others

I have found that as I’m helping people, I’m learning SO much about health and fitness. As people are learning tips that work for them, I can try them out myself. If someone is having a gluten sensitivity or leaky gut or other ailment, I’m able to learn about it and be more informed. It’s been so helpful for me–it’s how I was able to identify my own intolerance to dairy, understand the benefits of drinking water, and so much more.

As a coach, I’m given a curriculum from Beachbody on what to post to my groups. It has tips and suggestions that I learned a ton from, but my team has worked together to read several books and have been able to expand upon that curriculum and now what we have is absolutely incredible–and it’s so exciting to get to share that with others in our groups!

When You Want to Give Up, You Stick With It For Them

I’m the kind of gal who has started and stopped, over and over again. But I find that as a coach, that stop time is relatively short-lived because it’s so important for me to not give up—for THEM. I want them to see that they can do it. So I pick myself back up and get right back into the game. When I’ve forgotten my own reasons for getting healthier, I remember theirs. I remember that person who desperately wants to get off of her medications but feels like it’s impossible–I think about how if I fall off the bandwagon and don’t get back on, how that shows her that maybe she really can’t do it. I don’t want that. I want to show these amazing people that a healthy, happy life is totally possible.

So when the going gets tough, I have been far more likely to stick with it.

Also, it makes me want to get better and learn more so that I can help others–that altruistic attitude really helps me stick with it!

Get fit while helping others

You Work On Yourself

Like I told you before, one of the “vital behaviors” as a coach is to read or listen to personal development daily. You spend at least 15 minutes reading something that makes you better. I can’t get over how much this has made me grow. No joke, I’m living in a totally different STATE across the country because of reading my personal devleopment. I have a greater sense of my priorities, as well as a confidence in my decision-making abilities. I’m grateful for the fact that each day I can improve myself, little by little.

I like to listen to podcasts (as I’m doing below while prepping food!), read books, read articles, etc. It’s awesome!

Get fit while helping others

You Get Products at a Discount

OK, this has been a cool added bonus for me. As a coach, I get 25% off all of my Shakeology and fitness programs. It comes out to way cheaper than a gym….and I’m able to build out my own home gym at home. It’s been fun because every couple months, a new program is out that I get to do! It mixes things up and keeps me interested (I have a super short attention span, so that’s important!)


You Get Inspired By Others

Whenever I feel like I’m losing faith in myself or enthusiasm (which is totally normal to have happen sometimes), the story of a fellow challenger totally inspires me and kicks me back into gear. Maybe I’m struggling with overindulging during the holidays, if I have a fellow challenger who is finding awesome ways to make healthier choices during that time, I’m totally inspired.

If I’m tired after a long day and don’t want to work out, I get a notification from a challenger who squeezed in a late night workout and I’m inspired to do the same.

Here’s one challenger who REALLY motivated me–she CRUSHED our 21 Day Challenge despite being a busy Mama, and was always showing me that it’s totally possible.

21 Day Fix Transformation

You Feel a Sense of Joy and Purpose

I’ll be honest, before I started as a coach, I wasn’t really feel like I was giving much purpose to my life. I LOVE being a Mom and that is incredible for me and the greatest blessing in my life. But I won’t lie, I wanted a little something extra in my life. A space just for me. But I wanted that space to be filled with purpose. Now that I’m a coach, I feel such a sense of joy that I can be used as an instrument to help others get healthier and sometimes even come to a greater awareness of their own self-worth.

Get fit while helping others

I think so often people think that in order to be a fitness coach that they have to be this perfect specimen of health. But to be honest, the most relatable coaches are those who are right in the trenches with their challengers. I have found coaching to be an incredible journey for me to help keep me on track–perhaps that might be the same for you?

I host a monthly sneak-peek group into the world of coaching. I use a private Facebook group and help answer your questions, show you examples of what I do, etc. If you would like to join, please fill out our application below. I’d love to “see” you there!