This is a post I’m SO excited to share with you! Chelsi was one of the challengers in our 21 Day Challenge¬†group who just crushed it. I have learned so much from her and what she has done, so I’m excited to share with you some of her tips and a little about her journey.

21 Day Fix Transformation

What motivated you to want to join our 21-Day Challenge?

I needed that accountability! I needed to be surrounded by people who were in the mind set as me! I also needed that since of belonging and feeling of self worth.

What are some successes you had from the group?

I lost 17″ and 15 lbs so far…. I have a ton for energy (which is needed to keep up with my almost 2 years old!), I am way more toned and way more focused on my nutrition and workouts!

What about the group seemed to work for you?

Knowing that I had to check in daily no matter what! Also how encouraging everyone is! They just make you feel like you can do it, even though the whole day my own mind was telling me I couldn’t!

What workout program did you do?

The 21 day fix! This worked soooo well for me! I needed to bring myself back to the basics and this program did that! 30 minute workouts were perfect….They worked but they are also time efficient! They eating program is where I really realized what I was doing wrong! I was able to eat more food because of how much healthier of Options I was choosing…. I also drank Shakeology along the way… This really helped me hone in on my nutrition and give me that energy I was lacking!

Do you have any special tips for people?

Yes…. Don’t ever give up on yourself! Quitting only puts you farther away from your goal.

You are going to have bad days, that’s normal, but turning around the next day and making better choices is what separates the new you from the old you!

What are some things that you did when the going got tough?

I looked at my before photos and that dread came to me. I couldn’t stand looking at a picture of myself and I knew that I was the only one who could change that. So I take it one meal at a time and one workout at a time.

I don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, just today and how I’m going to crush it!

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