I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share with you my experiences doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I’m going to walk you through the program, as I’m doing it!

As if the program isn’t challenging enough, I’m adding a little extra challenge (by necessity), by sticking to doing it on only a $20/person per week budget. We are determined to help our health—both our physical health and financial health. So I’ll be sharing with you my tips and what I learn as I go! CLICK HERE for all of my articles on this.

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21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan on a budget

What is 21 Day Fix Extreme?

This program is built on the concept of the 21 Day Fix program…but kicked up a notch. Consider it the graduate school of the 21 Day Fix….and this gal is excited to get her “Masters” soon (sorry, couldn’t resist an academia joke!).

The workouts are still 30 minutes, but at a higher intensity┬á(I’ll be giving you more details on this next week when I post my review of Week 1). There is still a modifier (thank goodness because my knees are TOAST!)

The program still uses the same color-coded containers used in the 21 Day Fix program:

  • Green = veggies
  • Red = Carbs
  • Yellow=heaven…err I mean carbs!
  • Purple = fruit
  • Blue = healthy fats
  • Orange = seeds and dressings
  • Teaspoon = Nut betters and oils.

Based on YOUR weight and activity level, you are given a specific meal plan that outlines the number of each of these containers that you need to get in each day.

How is the 21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition Plan Different from the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan?


There are a few minor tweaks to the program. Higher calorie brackets get a little more food. Sadly the lowest calorie bracket (mine) didn’t change (Dangit!!!! Kinda wished I would have gotten a bonus fruit container or carb container! But I suppose my abs will thank me later ­čśë ). The lists also have different foods–some foods added, some removed (turkey bacon!!! Gah!).

BUT, what I LOOOOOVE about the Extreme nutrition plan are a few things that are different:

* While the list has a hierarchy to it (where items on the top are the most nutrient-dense), there are also + and x signs that shows which ones Autumn finds to give her the best performance (+) and those she avoids when prepping for a competition (x). Even though I’m not doing the competition meal plan (more on that in a second), I’m still planning on eating fewer of the x foods.

* In the 21 Day Fix nutrition program, you could swap out your containers for treats. I never really used this option. I knew my body and knew if I used up my swaps, I’d feel deprived. But by not using those swaps, I felt doubly deprived! In this version, there are no swaps for treats (but there are for beverages), BUT there are recipes for Shakeology treats. So, if I wanted, I could have a chocolate Shakeology bar every day if I felt like it.

* The orange container has a “chopped nuts” option. I like this because I’m not a fan of seeds or salad dressings, so this was a great way to get more food in.

Competition Plan

There is a Countdown to Competition plan that has the nutrition┬áreally dialed in. It has a variation of carb cycling in there (meaning some days you don’t get as many yellow or purple containers). This is if you are prepping for a competition or just a big goal you have. It’s not intended to be a long-term nutrition plan. There is an option to try doing a small segment of this in your last few days of the regular extreme challenge, so I┬ámight try that, depending on how I’m feeling!

So there you have it! I don’t want to spill all the details because I think people might think they could figure it out on their own and not need the guide, but I really think you need the guide to help walk you through it (plus I’m leaving a lot out!). But more important to the guide is the SUPPORT. You NEED to get into a support group. I don’t care if it’s one of mine (application below ­čśë ) or someone else’s, but you NEED the support. It helps keep you going, not to mention gives you meal ideas (there’s no WAY I would have thought I could have nachos on this…until my fellow group member showed me how!).

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