Yesterday was a REALLY, REALLY big day. My dear friend David hit his 100 pound weight-loss mark.

David’s been a member of our online support group, “A Healthy Life” for this last year and has been a source of inspiration to all of us in that fit family. A year ago, he was 300 pounds, had lost his vision TWICE and was above borderline with his blood pressure. He was told by the doctor that he absolutely had to get healthy

100 pound weight loss

I asked him to share some of his tips for what worked for him. Note that he did a number of things–gradually, over time, and didn’t give up.

  • He tried workouts that didn’t work for him, so he kept trying until he found something that motivated him.
  • He read EAT That FROG and made written goals of what he wanted to accomplish, how he was going to reach those goals, and what he would do each day time-wise to reach them
  •  “I wrote down the steps for each week how I would replace something healthier for each of those during every meal, and I slowly changed my diet to eating Clean.” (he gave up dairy products, processed foods, and white bread type starchy carbs)
  • “I had to do this over time so as not to fail, so more importantly, I repeated to myself and visualized each day, and still do ‘I see myself at 180 pounds.’ And I make this a ritual several times a day.”
  • “The key to my success has been having a great support group physically at Kovars [where David works out] as well as virtually in [the our online support group] and others that are online. Having support is important because we all need feedback as well as encouragement from others.”
  • “But another key to my success is remembering that change does not occur overnight, that I have to keep working every day.”
  • “It is hard at times, but going blind at a young age or even dying of stroke is harder.”
  • He said that having me check in on him during his rough patches also helped

And finally, I asked him to offer some advice to some of you who might feel helpless and need some advice:

If I had to offer advice to anyone it would be what I said above, realize change takes time; it will not happen overnight. And most who finally succeed are not heroes or supermen/women or different from anyone else as they often have failed many times. The difference is that they kept trying. Write down those goals and visualize them as this is important for success as I have learned. Realize there will be bad days; get back up and move forward.

Congratulations David! You are an inspiration to so many!

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