OK let me first start by saying that I don’t work for Asana, nor do I get any affiliate money for sharing about them. I just rave about the program because it has made my Beachbody Coaching so.much.easier. Asana is a task management software that you can use on your computer (in a browser). There is an app for it, but I find it much easier to just use the desktop version. In this post, I will break down the various ways that I use it to run my business. Asana Beachbody You can see a complete walk-through of how I use it in this video–I highly recommend checking it out. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbnbQLh6MUA] So let me list some of the ways that I use Asana: Tracking Contacts

  • I first created a list called “Old Contacts” and wrote down each friend from Facebook. You can just enter the name and press “Enter.” (I used this great tutorial from MisFitRepublic)
  • Every day, I write 2 people from the Old Contacts list. I just check in on life and see what is up. Once I do that, I remove them from the Old Contacts list and add them to an “Active Contacts” list and set a date for when I want to talk with them next.
  • If they ever sign up to be a customer, I move them to the “Customer” section
  • If they ever sign up to be a coach, I move them to the “Coaches” section
  • If I find out that they have a coach or are a coach, I add them to the “Have a Coach” section, that way I am sure not to step on another coach’s toes
  • If they Unfriended me, I simply add them to the “Unfriended” folder, that way I don’t pester them again 😉 (Usually unfriending happens not because I did anything offensive or annoying, but just because they may not know me that well. It only happens once in a blue moon, but I still like to track that so that I respect their space).

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.37.53 AM

Comments I use the “Comments” section to provide a brief summary of our conversation. I don’t always document EVERY conversation, but just ones that I think will be worth noting in regards to fitness. Description I use the Description section to describe a few things:

  • How I met them
  • Motivation (what is motivating them to work on their fitness?)
  • What programs do they own?
  • Do they have any allergies or reasons for not wanting Shakeology?
  • If I have introduced coaching, what videos did I show and what reservations did they have (if any)?
  • What products have I told them about?

Due Dates I assign them to Me (this is in the top left of the image below–doing this adds them to my daily tasks list) I assign a date for when I follow up. I switch this up based on what is working/isn’t working. Right now I follow up with customers once every other week and active contacts once every 3 months. When I follow up with them, instead of crossing them off (which would remove them from the list), I just change the date.   Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.40.04 AM Tagging I use various tags to help me track my contacts (you can see an example of tags in the picture above)

  • Workout Program: If someone expressed interest in a particular program, then I tagged it with that. That way if I am ever hosting a Turbo Fire group, then I go to the Turbo Fire tag and invite all of those people.
  • Fitness Discussion: If fitness ever comes up with someone, then I tag them. That way, if I am ever inviting to a challenge group, I can load up this tag, review the discussions I had with the people tagged, and then write them saying, “Hey I know we were talking about _____ [some fitness topic], I have a fitness group starting ____, have you considered joining that group?”

Friend Requests I love using Asana for friend requests. When I send out a friend request, I write the name into the Friend Request section of Asana. I also write down how I found/met the person. If it is from a Facebook Group we are in, I might post something about a question they posted on the page. that way, when they accept my friend request, I can write them and thank them for the request and ask if they were able to find an answer to the question they had. It’s just a nice way to remember how I found them and to start a conversation. You can see my video on Expanding Your Beachbody Network Using Facebook to show how I do this. I have met so many wonderful friends this way. Templates I love, love, love this. I copied and pasted all links to various programs into my templates folder. That way I don’t need to log into Coaching Codes or something like that. Everything is right here. I even have a transcript from a great National Wakeup Call that Scottie Hobbs did on talking to people about challenge groups. Since that script has done WONDERS for my interested challengers, I copied that here and use it daily as I help people. I also have my outline for the Getting Started Right Call that I have with new coaches–I modify that outline as I note what works and doesn’t work, that way it is constantly improving. Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.42.16 AM Challenge Group Posts I just recently started doing this and LOVE it. I used to schedule all of my challenge group posts all at once (every Monday), but I found I DREADED the task and it took forever because it took so long for the coaching guide to load. So now I just add the posts to my Asana folder and I just copy and paste. You can add the images in a folder on your computer if you add an image. Since I am in my group in the mornings anyway checking in on my challengers, it is easy to just copy and paste from Asana (since I am already in Asana as well). Once my Les Mills Challenge group posts are all in Asana, then whenever I host that group, my posts are all right there. Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.42.53 AM I also copy and paste helpful posts that I put in my Team Leaps and Bounds Group (this is my team of coaches). I cycle through these every couple of months, that way newer coaches can get these tips too. I might modify things a little bit as I learn what is working or isn’t working, or if a coach of mine has added a great tip to that. Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Tasks I go into more detail on my daily tasks in this video (below), but basically I have a folder for each time of day and at that time of the day, I just go to that folder and complete the tasks. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nopQgpintYQ] Weekly Tasks I found that I wasn’t presenting challenges and business enough to people, but I also didn’t want to throw up Beachbody all over my Facebook page, so I made a plan of what I thought might be a good balance of posts and set up a folder with these weekly goals. I check into this folder daily and try to get myself to publish at least one of these posts a day. Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.44.36 AM Coach Training I like to keep links to various team calls and webinars that I could send to prospective coaches and existing coaches to answer their questions. It is so helpful to have these at just a click away! Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.45.07 AM Shakeology Samples I originally found that I had so many samples going out that I would lose track of where people were. So I have a “Shakeology Samples” folder. I go into this in more detail in the video above, but I highly recommend to do this to keep track of your samples and see what is working and what isn’t. Leads I do keep a folder with leads–I treat this just like my “Customers” folder, but I do like to have all leads tracked in one place. In the comments, I will specifically note HOW I contacted them (email, text, phone, etc) and try a different version next time I contact them (if I hadn’t heard from them). Home Direct If a new customer purchases a challenge pack or Shakeology, then I add them to the Home Direct folder and make a note for a date about 3 weeks from the date of their purchase. At that point, I give them a heads up that their Shakeology auto-ship is going out soon. I might use this as a chance to say, “Hey if you spend $10 more you can actually get a Challenge Pack that includes Shakeology plus this Turbo Fire program. Do you think you might want to do that instead?” (or I do it for whatever program is on sale and whatever price difference that is). I also found that some wanted to cancel their orders and were getting frustrated because they forgot or didn’t notice that there was an auto-ship. This helps me remind them before that orders gets shipped. I never want a customer to regret a purchase, so based on their requests and suggestions, I started to give this heads up. Quite honestly, it has proved to benefit my business more than hurt it. Tax Preparation Each month, I have a list of tasks I do to prepare for tax-time. I am a daughter of a bookkeeper and a granddaughter of a tax preparer, so they helped me make this list so that come April, I’m not freaking out like a lot of other business owners! This helps me to keep my books in check. I just hop into this project on the 1st of the month, spend 30 minutes doing these tasks and entering them into my bookkeeping spreadsheet, and I’m good to go! Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.45.44 AM So there you have it! That is how I use Asana for my business. Honestly, I keep adding more tips to this weekly, so don’t be surprised if I have to post an update in a little while. I just keep modifying as I learn each day.   Do you have any tips for how you run your business? Please share!   If you want to join Team Leaps and Bounds, I would love to help you and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Simply go to www.beachbodycoach.com/tarabean25 and click “Coach” and register. You can also email me at fitbabysteps@gmail.com and I can provide you with more information.